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  1. Dear, along with saying hello I noticed a problem with the succes enchant chance in Armors. I have enchanted more than 20 Karmian Tunic from +5 to +6 and it does not happen has not reached any reach +6. This did not happen before and nowadays I am honestly confused by the gigantic loss of adena that has meant me. I talked with some friends and have the same problem with all Armors. I request please check if there is any problem as indicated and if so, please compensate me for the gigantic loss I have had.
  2. You should leave now the officer, if you are crying for the super p2w that consists of runes of exp, better not to think how you are going to put with the payment that are coming. And you should inform yourself to whom you speak your equal greetings. I reiterate, enter the l2 chorno and see the ncstore AND CRY, PATALEA, BUT THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. KIT fast and stop ur cry.
  3. In fact what is stupid is what you say, whether the game you like or not should be maintained economically because I do not think you think a company lives on charity, right? or pretend to put pure appearance accessories in the store. If you currently do not like the ncstore it is because you have not even played an official before. Go to the chronos server, I invite you to see what a pay to win really is. Aca NC has refrained from putting large items by purchase, if you are not able to tolerate the miserable payment that there are currently, you should leave now.
  4. Dear, due to the great loss of players, servers Aden and Gludio are going through a completely dead stage, in which there is no pvp, commerce, instances, daily, partys etc. I would like to know or see the possibility of doing a merge between server as soon as possible as the situation went from being "normal" to critical in regards to the server's life. I know you have backup plans for these cases, but if you could give some information on when it would be etc. Stay tuned. First of all, Thanks.
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