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  1. class change

    hello will be added class change certification like live servers?
  2. Tribunal, Atractive cubic

    Hello its a posible to Tribunal and Atractive cubic skills can be checked because i am almost sure Agro efect from them dosent work
  3. scam event??

    problem is there u got warning msg for fail only for pendant +4 or more for +1,2,3 u dont have it i thinking +3 is safe
  4. scam event??

    if chance is so low for encahnting maybe is good idea lvl 4 and 5 pendants to no desapear after fail 3 pendants fail for +3 !!!
  5. scam event??

    yeah man np i dont care for 50euro server will die in 2month now and we all will looking for new obe
  6. scam event??

    4k nc coins = pendant lvl 4 wich fail for +3 pendant lvl 2 wich fail for +3 pendant lvl 1 wich fail for +3 wtf