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  1. Max lvl

    I think there is a level cap, 80 or 85... And i doubt anyone is 79 or 80 right now... Last patch listed skills to 80, so i would say thats the soft cap..
  2. So with the latest patch we get these new leveling zones ( Devils isle, and Giants cave) And they both require FULL parties with full buffs, 75+++. On Talking Island These places are empty ( i have checked quit a few times) Why cant these places be nerf so smaller parties can go here? Or the better question, why did you NOT open the rest of the catas/necro for the 69-75 and bring devils isle and giants cave at a later time?? Some of this shit just doesn't make sense... Just like forgotten island, why would yall even try to open that place up when its 79 ++ and only a hand full are 75+.. Who is running the show? Just my thoughts, peace.
  3. Devils isle, giants cave

    New update means new zones?! Devil isle is suppose to be for small parties, mobs will 2 hit a level 70 with good gear.. This is how its suppose to be?> Same with giants cave.. Release more catacombs, this update is a joke..
  4. NcWest first p2w event that's so super OP and so dumb its ridiculous. Yes they will make money during this event.. Yes I can see hundreds of players leaving after this stunt, which means they will lose money in the long run.. Try creating more stable events and L2store items to keep the player base... Happy player base means more money spent.. Holla, clowns. @Hime