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  1. could you please describe the base chances for success in enchanting the cloacks
  2. launch a promotion before maintenance ridiculous
  3. and this post remains current in relation to the problem
  4. and the punishments for pk when are they going to start?
  5. then you are an exception, everyone is facing problems with this system of pvp elaborated so rudimentary
  6. Your opinion does not represent everyone's opinion.
  7. juji need to put some more punishment for giving pk, this ridiculous this the way this free pk
  8. you can not force your ideas of amusement at all, for example punishment by pk could be a 24-hour debuff that reduces the power and abilities of the avatar, according to the number of pks lack of balance in the game and this would help a lot, especially the players who do not have good equipment
  9. We need a solution. Several games have alternatives, but not here.
  10. a game without punishment of pk is ridiculous
  11. a pk system without punishment ... 3 months for the game to be completely emptied of players. Congratulations for another great change.
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