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  1. +1 quit list

    Dont get me wrong i was just observing if it is worth spending time on this server right now Short answer: no its not Long ang answer: bot fiesta,population decreasing,events for those with money(yes you can buy the pendants in game with adena but you got to grind so much and well bot fiesta everywhere and dont start being all veteran and talking about right place for adena etc bots are everywhere,forum management is like a ghost they see but not respont (sometimes ghost are more alive than forum management) Its not fun playing a competitive game alone but its not possible playing a competitive game with items you can buy with real money where is the players skills to that That is why +1 quit for me and i know noone will miss me
  2. +1 quit list

    For the past few days i was observing the flow of the server -GIRAN- (market-rb runs-party matchmaking) Its safe to say that market is all about pendants. Maybe it will be over after the event is expired but now its all about it. Ive notice some rb runs FROM THE SAME PEOPLE (4x-5x) and people leeching exp with CM parties and finaly about party matchmaking ok well...there isnt...its dead...What you see is the same ppl who make pts for the same rb runs OR WTB/WTS and thats it. That is not how this game must be played
  3. Such a joke.They dont care about bringing those who left back.They dont care about listening to players complains in this forum What they care the most:Money They would even dance naked if they could somehow earn money from it
  4. +1 quit list

    It seems that is not worth investing time right now maybe in the future but then again i cant trust them. Pay2Win model is not an effective way to keep people intererested. Anyway for now yes leaving seems the best choice
  5. +1 quit list

    I've notice and if im wrong correct me a drastic decrease in population( active players not bots) is there any chance to get this server alive again OR shall i go to the dark side and leave this server for good >>I've heard that with the new pendants you mihght be able to solo rb with few others no need for more than one pt >>>as story suggest we will get more p2w items but what bothers me the most is that noone responds to what people demands so forum is dead server is dead?