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  1. WC BW light Set vs Avadon Robe

    BW light without doubt. You have more p.def and 15% of casting speed. If you are OL you will be awesome with the def toggle. If you are WC it will help you to solo a lot.
  2. Hi Everyone, We've opened for first time the doors of our Clan. We have Clan Hall in Gludio and we are looking for people that want to have fun without restrictions of class. The only thing we request is that you must be lvl 20+. We have characters in both bands (20-40 /40-60) to help you in your leveling. No communications channels are required. Only time to have fun (at least 1 hour). Spanish and English languages are welcome. Moreover we are also looking for Clan leaders that would like to merge your clan with ours. The idea is to take advantage of the people connected over the day to improve the connectivities in the server and enjoy it better. If you are a Clan leader and you would like to join me in this idea, send me and email to discuss further the details. Email SaintShiryu in game. Thanks and have a great weekend.
  3. Fix adena!!!

    The one that needs to read again and think is you, not me buddy.
  4. Fix adena!!!

    Agree with you that "buy" adena should be ilegal, and I can't understand why NCSoft don't do anything with that (You can see the players wispering and seeling with the page names over all the citys), but if you say that the market is impossible is because you don't know how to play it. I am making around 500k per day in the market, with an initial investment of 10k. It tooks me 2 month but I can deal with that now... L2 was not a F1 and F2 game. Welcome to Classic.
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 5 a.m. PST / 7 a.m. CST / 8 a.m. EST / 1300 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes.
  6. Fix adena!!!

    IMO play with more than one character is what makes this game amazing. You have to deal with the market, leveling, fighting for a spot... you have to think that not everything is just F1 and F2. For thuse how have been playing L2 since C1 up to C4 really knows hows difficult is the game and how smarter you have to be in order to be the best- As a mentor said "Make big changes with small steps"
  7. Fix adena!!!

    I've seen 3 commons issues with the people that claims for adena: - Non sense use of SS (Really you need them to buff yourself? Why people use them auto activated? - Don't understand the economic system of the game. Most of the people form other servers or the live one want to come here, hunt day and night and be lvl 75 with daily buffs and 10 month of use equipment top grade. THIS IS CLASSIC PPL! Here you have to play in the market, craft items, stay in the same spot for days to obtain a recipe. - You must have different accounts, you can't deal the game only with your main character, you will need to creat at least a Spolier and a Crafter and stay with them leveleing most of the day. And no, it is not a must that you have to have multiple-clients opened, but keep in mind that is going to be harder. Welcome to the real world!
  8. best b grade set for 52 prophet

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blue_Wolf_Light_Armor_Set This is the bonus: MP Recovery Bonus +5.26% MEN +3, WIT -1, INT -2, P. Def. +5.26% Stun Resistance +30%, Casting Spd. +15%
  9. best b grade set for 52 prophet

    IDK if something change, but when I played on C4 Blue Wolf Light was the best option for PP's and Mage Orcs.