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  1. Asphalem

    Tyrr Duelist !

    Hi @noob, I'm tyrr duelist in game and no is possible have 50k of p.atk in lvl 101, look this video, is the example for tyrr duelist 105 . Sadly the duelist has little damage in the PVE mainly, but for good dmg, you need everything that @Andouille said in the previous post Other video of duelist , and later titan
  2. Hi, You can get clear fragments, if you are willing to spend more than 1000 USD for this event. Look this https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1889-freya-bag-test/
  3. Thank so much for the information now only wait to tuesday for more information.
  4. @OmenOfSteel Do you want to join max ?, please, better stay in your clan and form an alliance if you want with some other clan, do not let it become a server that fight only 2 clans, if so, those of freya would join DH and those of naia to MAX, it would be stupid, It is better to have many strong active clans, instead of having only 2 strong clans with luck.
  5. Hello everyone This is aimed at all people who still play Lineage II, both for the servers of Chronos and Naia + Freya that will soon be 1 server only. This is not more than my personal and sincere humble opinion. If we want the server in which we are, it lasts longer and this time is more profitable for everyone, both for those who like the PVE and the PVP. Do not monopolize everything !!!, stay with only 1 castle, and leave the rest to the others, to motivate a little the other players, in this way instances of massive PVP between clans are created and they have profitabl
  6. Hello I would like to know if there is any way to get the following cloaks in the game; Elmore's Cloak (Physical PvE) Elmoreden's Cloak (PvP Attack) Aden's Cloak (Magic PvE) Ferios' Cloak (Resistances) Since very few players sell them within the Freya server (I see 2 or 3 selling at an unattainable price for some, and for me too). Because of how it's found the game is in general, I do not think I can achieve too much adena for a layer, since I still need to equip myself with a decent armor and weapon to be able to make instances lvl 100 y 101 (for example Atelia Fortress and Alt
  7. I'm 101 tyrr, with set r99+6 (no pve, no pvp) weapon +4+1SA. I want participate more in game and have chance get set pve+10 and weapon pve+12. But is necesary more people in game and less people dominating an entire server
  8. Regarding the merge, I think it would be a good idea to increase the number of people playing and in this way achieve an increase in the number of instances that can be done through "party room". It would also be a good idea to let the dimensional server be commercialized, in this way you could promote a more diverse economy compared to what it is today. Using the trade and the auction house It would also be ideal, that the same GM are entering the servers constantly to check how the server itself behaves mainly for: - Revise the amount of stores that are selling, although it is po
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