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  1. I don't know if it depends on the modem or the ISP, I specified the type of line I have because I read that other games the problem was on certain types of modems.
  2. hi to all, last night I did a test at the home of my girlfriend who lives near me and I managed to get in and play without problems, here in my house instead of always the same problem that remains locked in the server screen, it could be a problem of modem or ISP, my ISP is Vodafone that of my girlfriend is Fastweb, maybe it can help to find the problem.
  3. hi, and some days I try to log in on the classic server giran but when I click to enter remains the server selection screen and does not let me go on, I tried on the server Naia and makes me access without problems, if it can be help are in Italy, thanks.
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