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  1. Again this problem? is it something recursive? something reset at every server crash?
  2. Maybe they do not give an answer because they do not know what is the problem yet, or maybe like I said, the fix causes additional issues and unstability to the server, or maybe the reason cannot be said for security reasons, they are the ones working at it, so let them work and post here with additional data so they can know better how to deal with this.
  3. The problem seem to be caused by the particular internet connection of the user trying to log in, in other PC (with other internet connection, or even ISP) your account can be accessed, and someone proposed in this post to use a VPN, so it seems to be an interference between the game and some settings from the modem, ISP or something. My friends still have the same problem after a short time of it being apparently solved (server was a little unstable that timespan by the way, so maybe they are related).
  4. Hi there, it seems to be something related to the DNS, I do not know exactly what it is but maybe with this information you can find what is it that causes this havoc.
  5. you sure about that? I thought using vpn could cause these issues instead of fixing it, and if you are trying to imply that geolocation has something to do, this post is proof that it is not, we have european and american ppl with the problem, we have people from the same country that some can enter and some others not
  6. Now I have another friend with the problem, from mexico this time. Tried everything posted and nothing till now
  7. A friend of mine has this problem too, I could create a char alright, not even dc problems, but he cannot pass the server selection screen because of that "client will be closed" thing. Its something related to the pc, because in my pc he can enter and create characters and all that, so there you have another report, the problem is machine related, not account related (neither of us are premium)
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