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  1. // can be closed
  2. Hi I got quest from Penny - Special Mission: Kartia's Labirinth (party) -> i clicked on this quest in Kartia Manager -> i got quest K 85 (party) from Kartia manager -> i did Kartia 85 (party) -> complete quest from Kartia manager -> i clicked on quest " Special Mission: Kartia's Labirinth (party) " in Kartia Manager list -> he wrote that i must go to Penny " Now go back to Penny " -> with Penny i see words line " Yes, i did " -> i click on this line -> & nothing My inventory slots 70 / 98 - it's normal. Server - Naia.
  3. Hi administration. May be you will change Oly rulles for NY weekends? I mean, change days for enter there - make open Oly every day until 9-10 january. Think about this.
  4. Remove this full sh1t from the animation of the fairy agation. And doesn't need to do animation of this amulet, in general. In extreme case, you can make a call to the Fairy animation with button (skill). Why people are must have to look at this rubbish all time? Is this a game about Barbie dolls ??? If I need to make a teleport to Magmeld, I put the agathion in the bracelet, use skill and remove the agathion from the bracelet. For what such difficulties, if i just want play in +/- normal game, not game about dolls ?
  5. Good idea Emo-like ppl, you would be rather cry about the lost academy or daily rewards
  6. +1. I agree. If bug = use high lvl summons on low lvl RB -> nothing bad in it. Crying some ppls - it's LOL & trash. & what next? What bad in it? What bad with what people can faster exp 1-85? WHAT ? ALLO, PPls, you nothing to do, except to cry ? Who crying about it -> you idiots? or what? Life not giving you? Administration, please do not listen crying of some emo-like people.
  7. i don't understand - What exactly is meant? what bug?
  8. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. Exp x 1 take more time than kartia x3. What faster - 1 times x Kartia with maphr (x3 exp) or 3 times x Kartia (x1 exp) ? )))
  10. Why people doesn't use opportunity to save vitality points in Kartiya (party) ? With one or more vital bar you can use maphr's scrolls (+200% exp). It's so simple - stay in left corner in 1 room all stages & kill last wave mobs with big mob (when poison will be) -> in 2 room kill only 1 mob -> in 3 room need stay in left corner all stages & w8 while rb will come to you yourself -> kill rb with maphr's scroll (+200% exp). Profit ! I play on Naia. Most of players doesn't use it.
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