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  1. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Ty everyone today, was fun chatting. I have to go to my wife and kid now. Cu all around! And remember being something does not excludes you from being something else too. Like being neutral and nova or ms supporter by telling the truth. Or being human with animal insticts. Or being a human and an animal at the same time. Each and everytime is our call and right to decide for ourselves. I think my next post will be a discussion about my dog's name, if you know what I mean.. I will be waiting for your ideas on that!
  2. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    It's called diplomacy mate! We all have friends, toons in other clans, our own little spies... Another question though. If you get on forums as MS member and you do more damage to MS with your attitude and replies than the rest of the server, does that make you a Nova supporter too? Cause I think xspawn and kkkm are nova supporters' today.
  3. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Hi kkkm. You are the one that sees aliens now I am not Zefri but if you want me to, I can be your Zefri today. Zefri give me back my name man!!
  4. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    I have mine here already. Want some mate? I will take that as a compliment sir, but no. I have better things to do in my life, like responding to you and be a Nova supporter. Thank you again though for your kind words.
  5. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Told you.. I am NOVA today, I guess cause I do not support MS? To be honest if I had to chose between you and Nova I would chose Nova. And most of the server would too. Cause Nova were dictators, we hate them yes back then. But.... Did they ever came to your spot and kill you just for fun or because they had the power? No. Did they mess with pve clans? No. What else.. let me think cause I have not even drunk my coffee yet. You turned the whole server against you by your attitudes, you do not care and because of that we are Nova. It's easier to be our fault everytime, I can understand this.
  6. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    So you are telling us that those who know Lio, accept the fact he does not tell them all and that he lies? I have heard a lot of great stories about Lio and I am not the only one I guess. We all know that Lio was behind Rown’s decision to get that dragon weapon cause Truffle’s party was getting all the attention from Zuzu. Lio made several efforts to be a good “friend” and advisor for Zuzu and a stupid kid with dragon weapon comes and steal his dream! Personally I still believe that Truffle makes the difference in MS. God I am turning myself to a Nova supporter again cause I am talking about MS. Or it's because MS give me lately more reasons to do that? No no do not worry I will not say to you again to think.. no reason for that. I am realistic. And one last thing since I am NOVA today. Rangerz' humor is far better than yours and you know what they say...sense of humor is an indication of IQ. I hope using google translate for him sometimes does not mislead me.
  7. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Well that was a very nice conclusion :)) Come on what proofs. We all know that Lio is talking with affection with Mayn as "friends". You can see that on hero shout. I do not have Lio's skype or other programme to spy on him Love is all around. And why you bring that "greek" thing back again mate? Obsessed with that country? Why lying is a matter of being Greek or not? Did not get that again sorry my low IQ as a random does not help me a lot most of the times. Ohhh you mean cause Lio and Spawn origins are from Greece should not been considered as liers or they are the minority there? 1st choice.. 2nd choice ... hmmm do not know i would choose 2nd, it's more fun.
  8. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Gratz mate! You renewed it for 2 more years?! I hope you will get your humor diploma too, soon!
  9. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    xSpawn I am sure you are not so stupid as you want to make us believe. I am sure you know that you are mutated to medieval court clown or even better a Jester and you are doing it with pleasure in order to help your clan with propaganda. You are the one that goes 1st on forums. You are the one that gets the first hits and blame. Then you have your friends in clan that support you on that, congrats you and even provokes you to stand up for MS with so much hate for NOVA. I can understand the big plan so far. You are the bad cop. The thing I cannot understand though is why when your friends talk with other ppl most of the times tell them as an excuse for your behavior “do not pay any attention he is stupid”. Well even your friend Lio who has Mayen’s style “I am friend with all the server and I play my diplomacy game thinking I am so smart and finally made Zuzu to believe that I am his friend and I can manipulate him now” was the first one to use those words. SS on never happened? I read on the forums few days ago an advice pointing you. The best thing you can do for your clan is to think before you talk or write. You can do that I am sure! I have faith on you no matter what your friends tell us about you!