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  1. This was just a suggestion towards a solution, I haven't been active in L2 in the past 6 years so I didn't actually remember that was a possibility, thanks for pointing out that flaw. But something needs to be done, change loot from raid bosses to be random or something. The main point is that loot has to be distributed better rather than to the same player/clan if there are 100 other players doing the hard work. Sure we get exp for it which is the whole reason they don't have to get a real job. But if classic is going to survive then something will have to be done by the devs.
  2. The Giran classic server economy is pretty much owned by clans like Silverjunges who spends their entire day farming lv30-60 raid bosses. There are other users who also raids lower level raid bosses day in and day out, collecting all drops, sells them for adena and then sells the adena to external adena buyers for IRL cash. I know, this isn't really big news. Everyone knows this. One simple solution to allow other clans or parties to raid for drops (not just exp/sp) is to remove the death penalty exp loss. Removing this won't really have any negative impact on daily users who are playing this game for what it is, a fun time. And those who raid lower level raids won't be able to simply do a daily run and de-level before the next day. There will of course still be clans who have different characters with different levels, this is unavoidable. But this will at least give active clans a chance to do some fun raiding.