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  1. The adena, item rate (Not sure about spoil) even mobs being all the some as in they not atk you unless you atk them.. You made the game play boring and the adena/item just doesn't give you adena special if your in a group
  2. With this update is worth it adding up your VIP and is it working still??
  3. Whats wrong with cruma the drop rate is shit also the adena is just crap and doesn't pay for the SS your using..
  4. it was a lot better before update
  5. No drops aswell WTF ??
  6. What's wrong with cruma tower the adena rate is crap? I been crap
  7. Whats wrong with the adena rate is crap? Been crap
  8. Hi When we going to get pets and our striders ? Be kwl and like old times
  9. Doesn't take the classic from classic experience?
  10. ok ty for the freed back
  11. The 2nd class job change quests I mean
  12. has the 2nd job change quests been remover because I had 2 marks before update and now they gone? plus I check the NPC for the quests and it saids non there
  13. Do spellsingers got Body to mind skill in 15th May update?
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