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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jVFMRp3QicWQwGrVUUCXniL-3c3l48QD/view
  2. when we get olympiad reward? i win alot fight but no get one mark of battler
  3. 1- saler adena. 2- death whisper+haste 25kk are you crazy ncft ( << saler adena on mobs ). 3- bots. 4- no events in games with gms. 5- no gm to ban bots and saler adena.
  4. here same ploblem, but the bad new server are loged normal like crohnos naia zzz.
  5. why dont have it here ( just d item zzz ) in other l2 have all items a b c.
  6. but dont have it on skill info, THATS SKILL CAN NO ATACK THE MOB 100%
  7. is not hitting the monsters, always misses a 3 times. fix it please.
  8. Mortal Blow 3 time fail, the skill no targeting the mobs, atacking other think. check and fix it. server l2 Classic thank you.
  9. when you get lv 99, you know need cant player on k99 or kamaloka beucase for it you need weapon bloood +12 or +17 so that game paytoplayer on pve lol? and healer and iss dont have if u no got one never go make one thing here. 1 hours to find healer on kamaloka ( make a bot how you put on kartia solo, suporte healer and iss ) less HP on boss too please haha. thank you.
  10. set laether r99 enchant set, r99 weapon with ss +6% p atk, no up any dmg. on stats on mobs. about iss here. last pt i have buff iss( not my iss ) but just 5 minu, and rebuff 30 minu with my iss, when finish 5 minu lost all buff from 30 minu.
  11. have 2 bugs i know first bug iss buff 5 minute on, if you use other buff 30 minute of 5 minut back and lost the 30 minutes, second bug skill wynn summoner spectral or dark elf sum sharing equipment do up nothing of stats pet , sum.. 8rune stone=504kk adena lost for bug skill very nice. please fix it thank you so much.
  12. pay 320kk adena wisp: zarain ( sv crhonos )
  13. 4 hours to finish altar evil and blood swamp very hard.
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