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  1. Low Level Quest's and Raid Boss Quest's (Remove)

    Thanks for response. Nice to hear that at least something will change in time
  2. Low Level Quest's and Raid Boss Quest's (Remove)

    Hello As you know people's love Raid'ing Bosses but now is huge problem with some necessary Quest killing low level Bosses. I hope you noticed that. There is no more that much low level peoples to make party's for those Raid's. Or peoples don't do them as one guy said to me: Its a waste of time. And those quest sitting unsolved in dark red color. It's like OCD of mine i like do all content as possible because I really enjoy it. NCSOFT created such amazing thing like New Path to Awakening. Which grants great ability for faster high level and great Raid's. So what I ask you... Do you think guys is it possible will be to remove Raid Boss quest at least till level 80-85 when all real experience of Lineage 2 begin? If peoples want they can find easy those Bosses. Now its impossible finish those quest like Etc: The Wasteland Queen or Witch of Spores. There is even more Quest's which is unnecessary and need for check up and should be removed. That's all thank you a lot for listening my opinion. I think it's should be fixed if not maybe removed from the game, or maybe any other way. Huge fan Lineage 2