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  1. Im coming up on lvl 40 soon and so far there has been some scattered questst along the way to help with progression. Are there no more quests after 40?
  2. Rollback

    I have to agree unfortunately. This update felt a little bit sad to me, I was looking forward to coming home today after work to do my first class change with my new Spell Singer ^^ and that was so quickly taken away from me. I understand your desire NC soft to make sure players are happy and that they feel progression. But for those who want a faster pace lineage 2 where quest are streamlined and gear given to them, they have the "regular" servers. I used to play lineage 2, 15 years ago, I thought it felt really refreshing to be able to play on these classic servers again. Sure, everything is slower, xp, adena, walking ^^ but the seance of accomplishment and satisfaction for rewards are so much higher, because you worked harder for them. You have a great opportunity here to make everyone happy, have the regular and classic servers so no matter your preferred play-style, everyone has somewhere to go~