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  1. yes I understand that but the fact ncsoft support wouldn't even give me the %rate on the scrolls and I used hero coins to get my scrolls unless theres another way get those 50% scroll im not spending 200$ for a chance lol
  2. Ok I understand you have the 50% Leg scrolls and still that's a chance but I wanna know the %rate on the normal Leg scrolls I sent a ticket and your support team and managers wont tell me the %rate I used around 31 scrolls in total and yet nothing can I get better support here??? @Neutron thanks
  3. lol the Leg Scrolls are very bad I used 22 Leg scrolls all failed that's total of 430usd ncsoft really needs to change rates now I have no tradeable cloak I think waste of money and time I give up on them and there scam l2store lol I should of at least got one I think....
  4. I think in both of are case it would of been cheaper just buy the cloak lol
  5. I think out of 22 leg scrolls I should at least made one leg cloak like I said the %rate is really bad 430USD gone I have better odds at a casino lol
  6. Lets talk about the Leg Scrolls anyone try yet???? I try 22 Leg scrolls on a cloak all failed stayed the same the % rate is out of this world I suggest don't buy at all warning lol.
  7. Don't buy all Ncsoft will tell you where sorry that this happen to you bla bla bla poor support %rate especially the Leg Scrolls to make cloak tradeable LOL
  8. How about LUC doesn't help when you cant even make a leg cloak I just now try 23 leg scrolls and I ended up with no leg cloak NCsoft these rates are beyond of this world im think im done with this game rip L2...……………..
  9. when the server is Delayed it can click stuff for you Example happen to me when I was using LUC pots to enchant stuff use one but show I used 14 lol
  10. yeah I got scammed no wonder more and more people quit this game but NCsoft can clearly see I got the weapon on my account big nc coin spender and they don't do nothing lol maybe quit???
  11. I been going at it with support couple weeks now ive shown them several screenshots I got Valakas cutter Fragment from event trade it for Greater Sappire 6 some how the guy trade me again and mistaken click accept due to lag and delay I have good connection but during the server merg shots being delayed ect I can go on and on and on Im big spender in l2store and they cant event replace the item even with 100% proff I had item they still cant what kind service you running here????I need help getting my item back so I can enjoy playing again
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