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  1. quest

    I have a question on the quest "a stranger power" she does not complete at all, does anyone know why?
  2. Noobies Doubts

    Good afternoon I like mmo very much, and I met lineage 2 a few years ago but I did not play because I had little time and it was very difficult to up, but now I was attracted to the auto farm system and I am very happy to play, I have some doubts and I wanted to know if anyone can help me solve (sorry for the typos, I do not speak English, I'm using a translator) My doubts are as follows: Currently what lvl max of the main class, the dual class and the sub class? Does the dual class have the same advantage as the base class? I noticed that spoil is no longer useful, am I right? Is there a specific class that is best in the farm? As for the up, those quest that make you quick on lvl 85, do you have any of them above 85? Is there any macro that I can use in the auto farm system to do one char just following another? would like a list of macros I noticed that in the game the most complicated is to acquire soushot R, since it costs very expensive comparing with the amount of adena that drops of the mobs. has any way I got the recipe for soushot R without being dropped by mobs? Thanks in advance!
  3. Iss

    What's the difference between iss dominator and iss doomcrayer?
  4. Iss

    in fact I just want the iss to accompany my main by snorting in the auto farm
  5. Iss

    Thank you very much for the explanations. I play solo and only do pve, at least for now, it may be that I join a clan I would like to know the best of the 2 for me. being that I can create a clan and use with my chars I took a look at the wiki and I thought that the dominator clan bufs are more powerful, does that work? Is the party bufs of 2 the same lvls?
  6. Class Sumonners

    I'm with a pounding doubt about the summons. the summon's attack power scale with the power of char? or do you have another way of climbing the power of Summon? why it arrives in a certain lvl that no more can summon summon skil
  7. Race Change - help

    Does it mean that even though I am an orc of appearance, I can become another class while maintaining the race? Do the skil keep any or all exchange?
  8. Doubts

    good night I have some more doubts about the ISS, is there any specific for each type of damage? Which one would be best for a warrior? which one would be best for a wizard? and on chaos essence, how it works and what it is for