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  1. If we can't get Blessed SS back, I need to start a pony or cat summoner and gear that direction to at least be able to use BSPS. Hmmm decisions decisions.
  2. By making this change, they can identify exactly who is using 3rd party programming. You see this is a trap to identify all of those accounts to perma ban them. In a couple of week they will go back to the way thing were and all those accounts will be gone. And everyone's crying about Bots will be solved. In the meantime here is how I am playing...go to an area with white mobs to your character. Turn off soulshots. Have your buffer macro ready, target the lead toon, run the buff macro(s), click auto hunt, set a timer on your phone for 19 minutes. When timer goes off, turn off auto hunt, rebuff, then restart auto hunt and reset timer. Yes I can't be AFK, I need to be nearby, but at least it is working in the background while I am doing other things near.
  3. So many of you complain, however there is no silver bullet to make this game satisfy everyone. Whatever NCsoft does will make some people happy and some people mad. There is no win for NCSoft when it comes to making tweaks. Purists say, "You aren't Classic" anymore. What that means in their mind is, that this version is like the original version. Instead NCSoft continues to try and tweak the game to make it difficult and challenging for those that want that experience, while at the same time appealing to other players that want things easier. It takes money and resources to run and update this game, so NCSoft, just like every other business out there has to make a profit or it will go away. So again, they try to tweak the game to make it free for those who choose not to pay, or for those that can pay to do so. It is simple business economics, because without revenue, the game goes away. Me personally, I don't like the gambling aspect of the events. I don't gamble in casinos and I don't like gambling here. I would like to know that if I spend $100, $300, $500 whatever the amount on Ncoin, that I get something for that. I don't want just a chance to win something. Yesterday, I got a Special fruit buff for 20 minutes. I don't want to spend real money on that, when my box buffers can give that to me. So for me, I won't participate in this event. NCsoft is making the business decisions right for them, as every business should do. They will continue down the path of their choosing, and we as customers can choose to participate or not. Here is my suggestion to the developers and product managers: 1. Make items able to be purchased in the store. For example, Top B grade sword $50, Top A Grade Sword $100, Top S Grade Sword $200. Armor same scaling, Jewelry, Recipes, Enchant scrolls, etc. With the low adena drop rate, this will allow more money for Soul and Spirit Shots People will complain that only those with money can win. I say, not true. Everything is still craftable, farmable and available to everyone if you play the game hard and the way it was first created. It may take you longer to catch up, but it is possible. Off my soapbox now. Let the flames begin.