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  1. Hey thanks for your reply , I just want to farm and not level up ...my perspective is to gear up the tank +mage so that I can farm higher areas in the future ...I guess I will just run multiple bs quests , dimensional , baylor if find pts , blackbird and GC ...
  2. Hey everyone , as title says ..where could i try to grind up with a lv101 party of S.Knight,Spoil,S.Saint,Ghost Sent,Feoh Storm (got a good weap there for now ) , Iss DoomCry. Thanks in advance ..Got the Adventure lv6 stuff if that's a help to somewhat ..
  3. Guys as said before ...back up your client , download and install new launcher and then copy your back up in the ncsoft folder ..open launcher choose North america , go to settings ...make the launcher close when you start the game and 0 issues
  4. OK NEWS FOR EVERYONE ! In case you got the file system as a back up you can copy it inside your NCSoft folder in programm files , run the launcher and play the game without any time wasting. Note : Server Chronos,Naia is north america region. Note 2 : At launcher settings -> Make the launcher close after you run a game session so that you can add more boxes.
  5. There is a new launcher , this launcher deletes the old file system and re-downloads a new one.
  6. I found the two new icons as well but still i couldn't run the game and play on , i had to update it back again ...Trying to move it from another pc now to check if its going to play without updating ..Else ill get the waiting mode way
  7. Just wondering if i would be able to get a copy of the old file system (before get deleted) and make it work
  8. So we choose NA server ,we download and boom , ready to play again?
  9. Ugh ...So downloading back again is the only option?...
  10. Could be a helpful reply , i appreciate it ..waiting for something for serious tho ..cuz 9gb gonna take a while for me with 3mbps speed
  11. Hey there guys , is there any way to run the client without making an update/repair so that you win some time ...?
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