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  1. the gm answer you already with a solution, what answer you want? serious, if the name is not available is because is taken, if they let you have the taken name were the mails gonna end up, i mean seriously are you dropping the tantrum after been answer? this is why have this cold answers because dumb people complaining about once upon a time he move from naia to magmeld and now he want his old name from that time
  2. thank you for your response but im not taking the retributer in the equation one because the sos days probably are over, and even if not im trying to minimize the carry of boxes even if im loosing important damage, i dont want to get used to something not permanent, and probably on slasher or fist, fist have more damage if you are counting activated and not activated time dps overall
  3. it was great i doubled the damage than before i was doing k99 solo in 15 now i do it in 6 min , now im "able" to do gc solo with a iss box ( i can do it with the damage but the paralisis and if i have 4 mobs hitting me i cant survive that and im lazy for box , the idea is use one iss and thats it.. i have reuse of furious fist 2.20 min , but the skill last 1.10 min (+10) i wait 1.10 of reuse, the debuff -30 fist resist activate every 15 secs , is hard to tell coz the mobs of af and gc low last 2 or 3 seconds , im strong like a titan activated when i active , and im lot stronger when i do reg
  4. also kinda confusing he is doing comparation of damages of duals with frenzy, yeah of course the numbers will be different , frenzy not apply to duals also furious slasher ,do i am missing something? Description 1 Frenzy For 60 seconds, P. Atk. +10%, Atk. Spd. +10%, P. Critical Rate +10, P. Critical Damage +10%, and Spd. +10. Additional Accuracy 8 and P. Atk. +10% when using a two-handed sword, two-handed blunt weapon, or spear. Available when HP is 60% or lower.
  5. excuse my ignorance but, why when the guy make the test for tyr he use skill critical rate, damage and mastery skill ap?
  6. thank you i wish you good luck as well, when i was titan i had the bloody weapond and the cloack , no augs no jewells no set, and at that time i was doing epic tauti 1 br for my clan, my main is a tank, and i got the main really behind, like i was 102 dual titan , 100 main tank, so i sold the cloak, and the slasher and i gear up the tank , was a hard sacrifice not have dps anymore but i really like tank playing, im tank almost 104 now , and without sacrificing tank gear slowly i got bloody duals for my now dual iss, i try this, that and here i got the aug , got iss 103 , using the same tank
  7. my bad , i shoud say i have the gear for a titan or khava , and i have 2 archers in the main pt of the clan and we will need a burst, i have the char lvl up with the dual this is my gear ruby 4 opal 4 red cat 3 diam 3 pearl 3 venir 14 seven sings , gc talis 8 i hope to have it 10 soon, abun 1 longing shiny , rare pack , bloody set +8 light , +12 bloody weapond for transform 3 sa tyr , aug 15 crit damage, elmore.cloack.+10 aug 4 pve damage, noble tiara +5 str , 50 element giant aug 15%.crit damage at the moment im a iss blade dancer , I was titan before but i made t
  8. i know this is a repetitive subjet, but sorry is not clear and i know we have veteran wise people , i want to be a good dps , to help my clan , as i see titan activated have 20% more p attack than a khava, but khavatari have 30%- resist fist chance 10% , with a pom , for pve , titan slasher or khava fist, what make more damage over all
  9. well i know longinus from elven farming and he is a reliable tank, i never see you doing something beside insulting people in global chat in my opinion gk is the obvious choice about damage without sos, yes titan can use orc in difficult situations , and a little aoe always help , but that 30% decrease fist resistance is the decisive factor that make gk the best tyr
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