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  1. CP ESPPAÑOLA BUSCA SHILIEN ELDER, activo y que se centre 100% en su personaje, le guste el buen rollo y forjar amistad con el grupo; horario mínimo 20.00 00.30h gmt +1. Para hablar condiciones whisp iGGarbanzo, KraK, Melcai, o Aleya INGAME. Tambien podéis enviar PM a esta cuenta por el foro. Gracias!!
  2. bots parties are already in enchanted valley........
  3. You wrote in another thread you got 13 top D weap in event with your 9 accounts. AND YOU COME HERE CRYING ABOUT SB DROP RATES? just LOL
  4. I understand you... but that statment was bewared before event started, just burn them now
  5. @Juji @Hime WE NEED PROPER RATES ON ALL HUNTING ZONES, FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. maybe your keyboard is wrong? I mean, sometimes a key is half pushed, or ther is food inside...............................lol
  7. CP española busca Elven Elder activo 40+ y Phantom Summoner 40+ ; interesados whisp IMNI, ANDX o ALEYA tenemos discord activo, animaros
  8. i think adena amount drop is quite low... I dont remember mobs level 15-20 droping ~50 adenas lol
  9. Quest named New potiont development 1/3: reward is wrong, when you select spiritshots it gives you soulshots
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