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  1. Broken event. Gms have nothing to say when they are called out on broken mechanics. You guys accepting resumes, I would love to be able to get Im assuming salary for not having to actually do anything productive.
  2. Agree with OP. You guys are charging hundreds of dollars for nothing, which a few people will buy. Now think if you lowered the price how many people would buy this junk. Your events are horrible, you are bleeding players by the day. Your customer service is horrid. You mention how "We wont be breaking the rules for anyone anymore" yet it took me about five emails to have multiple gms break the rules. Instead of server base xp, you release this vit junk, another slap in the face. Also, fantastic job releasing an event support can't partake in. You guys should just give every support
  3. Eh it's basically just the group of people I play with. If I could get everyone to jump to another game would in a second : (
  4. "Deploying" code is the only form of intelligence? I'll keep that in mind.
  5. Has any ncsoft staff ever heard. "Aint broke don't fix it" How do you guys consistently prove that you are incapable of anything. It's not even laughable anymore, I honestly feel bad for you guys. Like that kid trying to climb up the slide that just keeps falling.
  6. Best tank is Sigel Evas templar hands down. You want dual to be 105 to get the certs, makes a huge difference. Your main doesn't have to be high level to get the dual certs, just dual. Example my main is 103 evis, dual is 105 tank. You want to have a dual class/ main that can share the same armor / gear. A good choice is iss. Tank/ISS are usually the two more looked for classes, will get you parties + xp. Plus you can use all defensive items for both and save a lot of money. Same weapon as well. Leveling a tank is difficult without support. IE: DD / ISS. You will have to three b
  7. I told you what nova did. Several members who wanted a dragon weapon downgraded did the same thing as truffle. That is not considered crying, that is called getting fair treatment. MS would have been crying the same. Do you guys remember when you mass petitioned in regards to the mana barrier? A game mechanic? Not a GM change?
  8. Is this like the time ms mass petioned me to get me chat banned for the entire month I was hero? Then PMing me laughing about it? You can't be this dumb to think we had some master plan to gm you. You know how many clans hate MS / truffle? Yes I'm a nova player, no I've never gmed anyone and I advise people not go. This thought that nova is this evil clan that resorted to gming truffle to get rid of the bow is just paranoia. I'd rather have him on his archer. What's the perk to evis? He's invincible and one shots everyone. Lets not forget about GMs giving away account i
  9. I'll try to make this simple. People in Nova agree the gms made a mistake, but out gripe is that it can't happen for just one person. Truffle and coffee said the same solution, make it viable for everyone. I've never heard of anyone in Nova gming for getting pulled, hell dink was griefing me the other night. Seeing as you're somewhat new back to game I'll cut you some slack. Do you really think ms hasn't had some of the same gm help? More to come? Great, but please be warned that your clan could be put into a world of hurt.
  10. I'll tell ya what. You guys keep this up. I'll be home from work at 1130.
  11. Can these posts of gibberish stop. Many thanks. Can a gm comment on this? You guys are really dropping the ball lately, and getting called out on it.
  12. Do you really want to go down this road? I have a lot of damming evidence against ms. You saw what I did with one post. You reallllllly want to play this game?
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