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  1. Same shit here, canT also AGAIN not login.
  2. think they solved prob.... i can login again...
  3. The Sales Manager from Xingcode is one of the best i have heared. Think he made so one good contrakt that NC Soft cant cancel the contract, or how is it possible so one shit to buy and to keep it in a companie. Think to need some hours to learn from him.... btw the referral business can also break sales. And i ll never recommend this XIGNCODE.
  4. yeah, and compensation will be 3h Tersi.
  5. What class for beginner - mainly PVE?

    GL with Domi ! , when you are 101 - i ll never invite you in Party cause you dont have an advantage like COB or POM for Party and I dont epx a domi from another clan.
  6. really ridiculous!!! i still w8ing at the seever selcetion and its impossible for me to change my IP cause i have cable DSL.
  7. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    btw.... if you want to get a lvl 1 weapon you need approximately calculated 1.400 Staffs and 32.000 Scrolls.
  8. What class for beginner - mainly PVE?

    Okay, now new post from me here for beginner classes. For cheap and fast levleing is it a Wynn - i prefer dark - very cheap and good single DPS... also u can a wynn extremly good use for the 8000 Quest and to reach LVL 6 Blackbird Faction in Hellbound. Besides i prefer to make 2 Accounts with Healer an ISS- i prefer Dark Healer - cause he can get 1 pt member full mana back. ISS i prefer Doomcryer, cause he get PT Buff chant of Bison with LVL 101. The Healer can also be a Dual class if you want play later a Feoh as Main class.. Combis like 1. Main Wynn Spectral Master - Dual Aeore Shilien Saint 2. Main Feoh Storm Screamer - Dual Aeore Shilien Saint 3. Main ISS Doomcryer - Dual ISS Hierophant
  9. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    Calculated Estimated Enchant Rate 73%.
  10. Red Libra Holiday Event Starts 12/12

    TY for ex post take out to get Insanity Talisman. pffffff
  11. Oriana

    cause i got this coins today...
  12. Oriana

    same like me... after restart too...
  13. Oriana

    Event Mashine Down? cant claim my coins!
  14. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    believe me, it was a lot more.... estimated almost 50 %wins and i got really a lot of items... like hourglasses, passes ect... inclusive a Talisman Longing...
  15. Dragon Rind Leather Shirt (Radiant Rind Upgrade) [Level 105!!!!+] (Tradable) , so no option for me to enchant Dragon Shirt (Normal).