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  1. Question about cash shop

    Thousands of dollars to be able to pvp?! That's quite a bit...is that per year or something? What is in the cash shop that's THAT valuable? o_O Adding to this, I can kinda see paying monthly for stuff that's equivalent to a subscription game, but that reeeally depends on the item for it to be reasonable to me.
  2. Question about cash shop

    I've been reading that it becomes necessary to pay real money later in the game, but I don't know the details on this. What items are supposedly necessary? And if I'm playing casually would I still need to buy them?
  3. When leveling a character (kinda experimenting with classes to see which one to main) I notice that often when turning in a quest that's part of the main story that I have to level up once or twice before continuing. I just grind when this happens, but are there side quests I can be doing? I keep running into ones for leveling subclasses, but that's a bit different.
  4. new player to pk

    https://l2wiki.com/PvP You'll want to read this so you'll know what you're getting into, but it looks like you press Ctrl when targeting to pk.
  5. I read that a fix for this is to switch between passive and defensive until it finally sticks but this doesn't seem to work for me. Also tried unsummoning/resummoning, switching cats, going to character selection screen, exiting client completely, still can't seem to properly get out of passive orientation to defensive.
  6. Trying game again after many years

    I think someone tried to get me into a pk fight today (their name was purple and they kept smacking me) and I hadn't read up on the flag system yet so I just kinda stood there, unsure if I should defend myself or not. After they saw I wasn't going to fight back they eventually left, so I didn't die, but I think I could have defended myself decently so I'm unsure if I did the right thing. https://l2wiki.com/PvP ^ Based on that wiki I assume I would have turned purple if I'm correctly understanding this. I guess white is innocent, purple is not innocent but not worth karma yet and red is worth karma? EDIT: Also, as a summoner should I use defensive orientation? I'm told it's easier but risks getting flagged as a willing participant in pvp, which I'm still a bit confused on to be honest. EDIT 2: Or not, I think I'm bugged and can't switch from passive to defensive...
  7. Trying game again after many years

    Yay, I've got a mentor, but I noticed something...I'm not seeing a whole lot of English speakers in the server I chose. Should I have chosen Chronos instead of Naia (which I'm aware will merge with Freya soon)?
  8. Trying game again after many years

    I'm levelling pretty quickly so I'm assuming I can get to 75 pretty quickly. I was just about to ask 'how to make adena for spirit ore as a warlock' but I just checked and...oh. I guess that last quest gave me a nice beginning adena boost. I like how beginner friendly this is so far. And can I still get a mentor at level 41?
  9. 1. I notice that they cats you summon can't be summoned again for a long time. For beginners still learning their class what do we do if the cat dies before we can summon it again? And does this change at higher levels? Never mind, I just got to warlock and I see now that the cooldown isn't an issue any more. 2. I read that human summoners use physical stats to increase the power of their cats, how does this work when levelling as a caster at low levels? (I think I know the answers now but I'll keep this topic in case I want to ask something else later. D:) 3. What is a human summoner's role in a party? I think we're best when in a group of warriors and rogues(?) because of feline queen's buffs. Is that true or is that old information for older versions of the game?
  10. Trying game again after many years

    Thank you for the information! I'm testing a dwarf scavenger as well and they seem a bit easier in terms of soloing so far compared to magic users. And, uh...how come I can't chat until level 75? I wanted to compliment someone's character name and I got that message.... I can see that gold spamming can be an issue at times, but dang, unsure how to communicate til that level.
  11. First thing: I'm used to games with limited skill points to use and where it's impossible to learn every skill. Is that the case here and I should try to learn only what I need for my specific build or can I eventually learn everything? I'm merely a human wizard at the time of posting this and I plan to take the summoner route. Second thing: I found this https://l2wiki.com/Main_Page which has leveling guides, just need some confirmation on if they're up to date or not. Third thing: So me being a low leveled character running around a game which allows ganking I'm just curious what I should do if I find myself under attack from a higher leveled or geared player I can't reasonably defend myself against. I'm not used to open pvp games so I have rarely dealt with this kind of problem and honestly don't know what would be the appropriate thing to do.