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  1. Why do you use the Bullseyes skill after the other skills? Wouldn't it be better to do it first? and what is the purpose of "%c" at the end of the command?
  2. i realize that there are people who literally live in this game... i didn't know what these greedy chests were, and i've never seen one... better that way
  3. considering that 85 is done in 20 minutes of quests and that until 99 is stopped at swampland for quests, who needs these areas? they should be converted back to zones 100-115 I have EXCLUDED those areas affected by Tarti's quests GODDARD forge of the gods, lvl 78 hot spring, lvl 73 DION partisan's hideaway, lvl 23 cruma marshaland lvl 23 cruma tower, lvl 40 RUNE valley of saints, lvl 60 beast farm, lvl 83 forest of the dead, lvl 65 HEINE garden of the eva, lvl 41 SHUTtgart freya's garden lvl 57 pavel ruins lvl 87 ADEN forsaken plains, lvl 57 OREN outlaw forest, l
  4. well, now you have to work to give back a little liveliness to the game, you could start by removing the areas of exp 1 -> 76 that do not serve anyone (forsaken, VOS, fod for example) and replace them with areas exp 103 -> 110, give back a sense to dwarves crafter and spoiler (recreating a craft system) give back a sense to summoners, reopen catacombs and necropolis, return to a diversification of the classes more clear-cut than the current
  5. is one of the very few things you can do without using CC, do you want to remove that too?
  6. with normal iron aura the skill work correctly, the problem start with paladin aura
  7. all the character are level 105, but apparently the difference is made by the tank: with the guardian aura of the eva's templar it works, with the paladin aura there is no way; i spent hours in imperial tomb and the last attack of any tyrr works with the guardian aura but the same does not work with a paladin aura, it seems absurd but it is so, buffs are the same, iss doomcryer lvl 106
  8. EDIT: the problem seems to be related only to imperial tomb
  9. the skill no longer works, it does no damage, the lethal strike never enters, the skill starts but does nothing, detected on Grand Khavatari, maestro and titan
  10. i have to say that after the last intervention yesterday i play much better, at least i do (from italy) no lag, no endless waiting after the gk. can i say thank you anyway? of course i also hope for a revival of the game, but meanwhile i say thank you
  11. is an important upgrade, 9h are also few, but at least will end the lag problems
  12. finally a bit of exp boost, at least that ...
  13. my suggestions? 1) there are still plenty of areas for levels 20, 30, 40.... up to 80... who needs them? you could replace them with exp zones for levels 100 - 110 2) return to diversify the classes, please. today an iss is worth the other, minimal differences and often insignificant, the same thing for the healer, but also for the tyrr... same skills, same mastery, only the ertheia diversify, at least until you decide to make them more boring. 3) give back a sense to dwarves, spoilers and crafters 4) add quests for tattoos, and spoilers for enchant, tattoos. allow those
  14. in the meantime i've cancelled my subscriptions, i have less and less desire to play and i don't see anything that can be slightly stimulating... i preferred when there was the fixed monthly subscription, at least in game then there were no advantages in using the ncstore. now instead there are more and more things that you can do only buying items from the store; with the free to play has been getting worse and worse
  15. probably something escapes me: today I consumed all 3 "lucky draw coupons" but no trace of the 300 oriana's lucky coin, I'm still at 800 yesterday (which should have been 900 but the problem obviously started yesterday)
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