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  1. Rune Stone

    to enter from balok the party must be made up of 7 pg? because the npc kept saying that we had to be in party to enter, but we were, in 6
  2. Rune Stone

    can you confirm that the only way to get the rune stone is from the l2store?
  3. Red Soulshot

    thank you
  4. Red Soulshot

    these days I have noticed some summoners with summons who used red soulshots instead of normal blue ones, what are they?
  5. Where to exp?

    Hi All, actually i have a Yul Ghost Sentinel 104, with exalted armor e weapon. what is the best place to exp? at blazing kill mob very fast but exp is very low at HB kill fast, good adena, but exp is low coal mines good exp and money but only 1hour i try at ivory tower but mob is not easy and the exp is low, any other suggestion? I'm always in party with Hierophant 105 with pom, fantasy 2 and base buff lvl 5
  6. 400 user in queue, over 2h for login in server (naia), disabled Character creation IS NOT A SOLUTION