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  1. but even if you are near pc it is unplayable: impossible to play the instances, you can not finish them and often when I try to log back it stops immediately and gives me disconnected again .. and if you are a tank, a healer or a buffer your party died in the meantime
  2. and what would it change from the other feoh? nothing! the skills would be the same as always ... they flattened everything; only the ertheia differ from the others, so rather than a copy-class I hope for a new race
  3. restore craft system (add drop & spoil recipe, mat, piece - currently some materials are dropped but what are they for? - ), restore catacomb and related quest, restore a decent drop system. return to a more diversification of classes, it doesn't take long to get this interesting game back
  4. you have not solved anything, they have fixed them, I have not changed anything and now it works (and I do not see what problem a provider can have that makes me download at 130mb / sec and 5 ping)
  5. I opened the ticket and in response they ask me to check if I have malware or viruses! O_O please all open a ticket otherwise nothing moves here before 13
  6. alebri78

    Ress 100%

    even the iss have 100% ress
  7. hoping that they will be useful again I have created a dwarf, half an hour of play and you have your own crafter
  8. the subclasses no longer exist, you can only do a dual class
  9. I have been away from L2 for a long time, and on returning I also noticed that it has become a soloing game and not a party game. now the only group activity are the raid bosses. i tried to join a clan but practically every exp in solo and if you are not of a certain level you are not even good for raids. Spoilers have become useless and I remember clan activities to go and spoil items needed for crafts. Even the artisans have become useless. it is now a credit card oriented game. I think, however, that reintroducing areas such as catacombs and necropolis, the faming of seal st
  10. Couldn't the necropolises and catacombs be reopened and remodeled for levels 100-110? catacomb parties were the thing I liked best in the old chronicles, and you could re-add many items that can be purchased with the ancient adena
  11. auto respond: i don't find the command in game but in <INSTALLATION-FOLDER>\system i find the Option.ini file and inside this i find the ShoulderViewAutoTracking option at True; i set to Off and working.
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