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  1. Thank you very much, works like a charm. =)
  2. How do I make my panther attack?? Is there a key to it or do they auto assist when I start attacking? Cuz if its auto assist, the panther isn't attacking, he just stands there...
  3. Are there any other towns other than Giran where there are many private stores? NOTE: WTB Full Plate Boots and Full Plate Shield. (Talking Island Serv.)
  4. Hello, I'm currently level 28 Shillien Oracle, looking for NA clan to level up together and gear up together. PM me in-game (Sefi). Thanks.
  5. @HimeThere's also an item issue that alot of us who are using the reward item set which only has 7-days to use, we are running out of time.
  6. If you guys are non VIP. I would really suggest move server to either Giran or Aden.
  7. Same here, I never got to see my characters today at all!!!
  8. Aden server still has low population. I guess nobody wants to move to Aden server with all this mess in Talking Island? @Hime, @Juji should advertise more on Aden server. More give aways so that people can start moving there and free server transfer.
  9. I see, so it is encouraged to play 3 accounts per PC but no macro loops?
  10. You're not alone, many of us are going through the same issue. I'm assuming so many people are running more than one account to play.
  11. any PC that are running more than 1 account.
  12. They didn't fix the major issue!!!! I cannot play during prime time in US. All my clanmates log off when I log in at night. How am I supposed to play with my clan? I missed the raid and the hunt!!!!! This is absurd!!!!
  13. I thought there wasn't going to be a multi-boxing in classic? I believe the multi-boxing is messing up the partying right now. A lot of active players are having hard time finding a party to hunt. I believe Juji said something on the livestream that there wasn't going to be loop macros and multi-boxing. What's going on?
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