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    - All items that influence the pvp should be possible to make more in-game, PVP Sets, Covers, Brooch, Belts, Raid, Dragon Weapons. Today only a few have the slightest chance of having them, unless of course you invest a lot of money in the game, but the reality is that money does not always go to NCSoft, but to other players who sell items and adena. Rely exclusively on L2Store to buy items with a 0.000001% chance of coming up with something that really is usable demotivating. Today every dollar invested in NCSoft the "smart" earn 3 or 4 dollars in the sale of items and adena. - Thinking about PVP is currently impossible, only in 2 or 3 years to be able to have equipment and at least not die of 1 hit gets too discouraged. Staying in a repetitive PVE is tiring, every day the same thing, I feel like practicing like a bot, repeating, repeating, repeating .... In another game "similar" the PVE is much more interesting, with very funny rewards, Lineage has a huge world but few areas are used, put those areas to encourage the PVE where you have rewards that are worth, I believe it was a new breath for the players. - The definition of dead server is when 1 or 2 clans dominate everything, castles, raids, etc ... Make the game easier to have competition, or facilitating the conquest of items, or withdrawing the power of several items to balance the pvp . Currently the top items only serve to move the clandestine market of sale among the players. Using the same rule that does not allow registered clans on the same side can not fight each other, should be expanded so that clans registered in a certain castle could not fight other clans registered in another castle, and even unregistered clans could fight in no siege zone. - The Bot is used because it is necessary to dedicate more than 12 hours a day in the game, who has this time? few, really few, because most uses sim bot to do the dull task of repeating day after day instances, field farm, daily quest. There will only be a reduction in the use of bots when they are not advantageous, and for the most part they are used for the sale of adena for real money, so the reduction of bots only strengthened the bot market, since using 7 or 8 computers generates a considerable amount in adena, you can make drop instances virtually alone. - Lineage 2 is an excellent game, has excellent dynamics, but NCSoft has been burning the game, making P2W compulsory instead of being a boost for players. - The vast majority of players today play in 3 or 4 people, using box for disadvantaged classes, such as iss, tank, etc ... so if they are to play in 7, which would take 1 year to conquer (items and level) doubles the time to reach the goals, could include individual rewards for each class in the game activities, as in instances each party member would receive a decent drop, the "strengthening" of the players as a whole would bring a good result, making the game more competitive... - My first Valakas took 12 hours to die, it is unthinkable today to see that in 2 or 3 minutes is dead ... what should be the biggest challenge of the game today is banal! - L2Store considerably cheaper would bring greater turnover. I think NCSoft should remember that Lineage 2 might be the profession of you guys who devote several hours to building and maintaining, but for the players it should be fun. I believe that most players today are over 21 years old, that is, they must have work, girlfriend or wife, children, and they continue trying to stay within the universe of lineage 2 because it is a very good game, it is missing maybe the game adapts the reality of who is no more 15 years old and all the free time he had before. Or of course, players can migrate to private pvp servers and have their 2 or 3 hours of daily fun ... but I do not think that would be good for the company. PS: I used google translator to write this.