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  1. Adena problems?

    Lineage has always been a game "Pay To Win", deny buy adena on foreign sites to have item, and currently like this? which is the least P2W, I have char in Naia I stopped is about 2 or 3 years old, just worth coming back to him? Is there any fun or just for those who pay?
  2. Doubts on Critical Damage Reduction

    Abundance + Heavy = 15+35 = -50% P. S. Crit. Damage AP guardian's Death, by description it should reduce ALL sources of critical damage. Someone can confirm this (because you need level and points in this AP to know).
  3. Doubts on Critical Damage Reduction

    The girl may not have adena to test these items, have you seen the price of each one? Nor do you have access to classes to test. His advice was totally ineffective, for not having analyzed, who has the resources of this type does not question, just tests.
  4. I remember that, but this is a few years ago (It was not in the prelude, if I remember correctly I started between 1998 and 1999). But this was already invented after the awakening, at the time it seemed incoherence, but at the time, ours was tense to kill a Healer like that. When playing C1 to C5 (Best periods of L2), having Dragon Pet was the sensation, everyone wanted to have their mounts, owners of castles with their Flying Dragons, another time, very different from the current one. ^^
  5. I play from the prelude, but I started to use forums these things in 2012 ^^ Relax, I will not want your opinion in 10 years! Since you apparently did not add anything and will continue without adding. lol
  6. Come on, I currently have 47% reduction of PvP damage (which has drastically changed the Oly, Duels, Coliseum), but I saw a wizard I do not remember, but I think it was Dragon Hunter, who received damage from another magician and archers who in me would cause 55k to 30k damage critical, this mage received 450, 300 damage, it was surreal, as he could reduce both damage, even with mana shield, he could not reduce both damage so I checked the damage reduction forms PvP, I'll answer all I know below: -10% [ISS BUFF] Protective Ditty -15% Talisman Abundace lv1 -5% Weapon Tauti -5% AS Mystic -15% Jewel Obsidian lv5 -5% Cloack Light (Castle) -20% Armor PvP -5% Passive Protection of Light (Clan) -7% Belt PvP defense Total: -77~87% In the end receive 13% (If ISS) or 23% (Other classes) is very little damage. Mainly because we have the physical and magic defense, which reduces even more and the damage and I saw a Knight with 17K in both defenses and a Dagger with 14k Pdef, so a player at this level will crush any adversary who can not reduce the damage like it, on top of that we have Maxima HP that can do more to fight etc. The cost of this is easy at 200-350 billion adena. Now we go to another type of damage reduction, that of critical damage, but I'm going to report something interesting. with light armor R95 +3 and lv6 on the elements received critics who alternated between 3 ~ 6k of a Tyr Warrior, so I switched to Heavy TW armor (No spell and no elemental defensive attribute) and to my surprise I came to receive critiques of 1 ~ 3k (Practically cut the critical damage I received in half). Remembering that I am ISS and with heavy received -35% of P. Critical Damage. Below are ways to reduce P. Critical Damage: -15% Talisman Abundace lv1 -50% Drum Melody -35% Heavy Armor Total: -100% But I've only seen one way to reduce critical spell damage by using Abilities Points, it can reduce by as much as 20%. -20% Guardian's Death shield This reduction affects both physical and magical (at least it seems as there is nothing in the description), so basically critical physical damage can be drastically reduced. I do not believe in immunity to critical damage, it must have a limiter, which should be around 85% of the maximum critical reduction, so that by 100% it would not help. I really do not know how the physical damage DDs (Tyr, Evis, Dagger, Archer) if they saw late game with this critical physical damage potential reduced. The magicians are in the advantage, so far they have only 20% of critical reduced. But I have already noticed that against mage resistance to debuff can be one of the greatest weapons against them, because in pvp when the mage failed to hit the debuff his damage is greatly reduced, so consider only receive 13 to 23% of the mage's damage, then the damage passes through the defense (or vice versa) and without receiving debuff (eg Angel Touch), at this time the mages must still have more damage than physical DDs (Outside half-Kill, Lethal Strikes ...) but not strong enough to settle the fight, leaving it more competitive. And against topazio and Freenzing Flame, finally direct damages in HP, we have physical reductions. -10% Talisman Insanity -10% Armor +10 Total: -20% I was told that the damage between late / end game players are low among them, compared to mid and early game damage, today I believe that. And I understand because many ISS opt for the light at the end, but during the Heavy race it is more advantage to have a light PVP +10 (^^) with other damage reduction items. So do not be discouraged, by dying in 1hit and inflicting 50 damage on a strong player, since it is not a cheater, but rather the mechanic of the late game of Lineage 2. Note: Level is something that weighs a lot, in damages, defenses, reuses and cast of skills, but very much, regardless of equipment, level is decisive. I hope I have added useful information to those who start, comments and opinions, feel free. ^^
  7. These two rings would not be better for a hierophant? Or Tauti + Eath? Earth Wyrm Heart Ring https://l2wiki.com/Earth_Wyrm_Heart_Ring Ring of Creation https://l2wiki.com/Ring_of_Creation
  8. ISS Doomcryer Tips?

    My ISS is Doomcryer I would like to know some tips for ISS like: Armor/Weapon/SA//Dyes/AP/Jewels. Playing style: PvP (Oly/CoC) mainly I do not know if the text below (Source in the link), is still valid and if it really has coherence. For example, the author says that "Earth Wyrm Ring" is better than "Baium Soul Ring", but the Baium of more resistance to Stun, besides increasing the chance of hit, the Wyrm only resistance. Thanks in advance! https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/640094/
  9. I'm watching several videos of the Olympics and I noticed that everyone I saw, the players were wearing an Exalted Tiara, and I'm talking about ISS. However, I wonder +3 Status (+ 3Con or + 3Str or ...) +% Defense would not it be better? I was told that the "Att Defense" 10, is only 10 fixed, is not percentage and does not suffer multipliers. I do not know how I should think. - It's like questioning whether Element P. (Attribute) +25 in all elements is better than 1 ~ 1.5K of life (+ 3Con) They say that defense in attributes is a better thing in PvP, but what is +25 Defense land, when a mage sends 100k of earth damage? Or Dagger is not critical, abusive. The idea that I have that attribute is only more efficient in consecutive damage like that of a fist Weapon. Could anyone help me with these issues?
  10. What you said makes sense, but it does not matter who is close to being hero, but rather the question raised in the topic. Another thing, do not judge the financial power of the players, for example I have the financial power to equip myself in 1 year very well, so avoid this kind of question, because it ignores the personal life of each one, if they focus on the topic of the topic. About having two types of armor, it's quite likely. And in fact, damage from a Dagger, Archer and Tyr in the critical hurt a lot. And having -35% critical damage received (physical) is a beautiful thing, when we remember that Angel (-5.5%) + Blood Requiem (-5.5%), total -46% of critical damage, but still has -20% of any critical damage. Reducing from 60 ~ 66%, really heavy becomes a beautiful armor for ISS at all levels. But it is of no use against wizards (As far as I know not). At this time the light armor wins stake, and the fact that (-10% Cooldown, + 10% Debuf, + 14% Skill Mastery Rate) helps a lot in any situation. So, in fact, changing armor is not impossible, and until well probable, but another point is really necessary, the resistance in the end game of the characters is stupidly high, but very high even, suddenly so use the light, already that having heavy against dagger / archer / tyr still generates a significant reduction.
  11. So much for Light for the ISS (-10% Cooldown, + 10% Debuf, + 14% Skill Mastery Rate) that the impression it gives is that no ISS turns hero using Heavy only.
  12. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    Complaining? Doomcryer: - No mastery or passive for Shield! - In the Olympics they say that only light Armor PvP lends in him, Heavy love say that it is a waste, inviable if one day wants to be hero. (So they're talking) - There are no Defensive buffs like the ISS DE / E - Neither has strong offensive Buff like POM - They say that ISS DE and Doomcryer together are strong, in the same PT, do not know poque? I do not even know if Chant of Bison adds with POM. The only weapon that seems to do well in the Doomcryer is 2h (Dual or 2h-weapon), because if you use a hand, there's the shield issue (to which it has no bonus) -Sigil da + 300 ~ 400 pdef final (In my opinion a low value), what do you think? - has no extra reduction of Cooldown, as has the hierophant. What the Doomcryer is good at is: - Freenzing Flame: But nothing seems to increase its damage (Normal or critical) and I do not even know if the M. Critical Rate influences the critical chance of this skill (although the Doomcryer's magic criticism is low). - Higher PS Attributes of the ISS: This hardly helps in the Oly (F. Flame + Topaz + poly + angel + barriers), and in PvE group even less. you who have more experience what can you tell me about the Doomcryer? Where is his strength (Gear, skills or whatever)
  13. I think she understood the question that could for a "Haevy PvP Attack Type" in a Tank, and share with the ISS. Even by reading the tanks, it is common practice to put "Attack Type" in tanks such as PK and TK, and "Defense Type" in HK and SK. Do you agree with that? In your text it was half open, as if using two Sets, a light for Oly (ISS) and a Heavy in the PvE (Knight), but if I understood well you only have only Heavy PvP armor and use both in ISS (PvP) as in the knight (PvE), correct? Or did I get it wrong too? I also did not like the ISS not being able to use Defensive Armor, does anyone have any idea why they put this restriction? And if I understood PvP well, the best set for ISS is the Light Enchanter, kind of unanimously. Some Heavy Armor ISS on Oly, turned Hero? Since these changes? The biggest advantage of Heavy and the 35% reduction in critical damage, even if physical, is something that is unshakably high, or am I mistaken? Coupled with the 20% reduction of Abilith points, it reaches 50 reduction. This is something light does not offer. Even the ISS Barrier is calculated over his P.def
  14. ISS in the mass pvp support with maintenance of buffs and help in healing is something that works really, the only issue is that the maximum sustain to hold the stride. ^^ If you can get a 7win / 3lose already would be great, because that in the end turns more Adena and fun. ^^ The problem that catching 103 and 104 from 100 should take about 2 years (Waiting two years to start thinking about it is out of the question).
  15. got it. When from P.def I must have to say "Now the light armor 8+ compensates" instead of Heavy. I'll be pretty straight forward what makes the VERY CUTE heavy is the reduction of -35% critical damage taken. With -20% of the AP, and -5.5% of the angel touch, the reduction is 60.5% of the critical damage received (Physical). This practically opens up against Tyr, Archer and Dagger on the Olys. For besides the normal reduction of p.def and the reduction of damage pvp, it has the absorption of damage with the tanzine and the Barrier. Light armor, does not even come close to this survival, nor even close, because what kills itself are the critical or special (Like half-kill), normal damage is no longer a problem. Against the magician, heavy does not really help, but neither does the light, neither of the two of M.def. What would Light have to compensate for? - You can talk about the -10% reuse, but an ISS can arm your skills quietly without it, so pvp does not seem to be vital (but in PvE it's very useful), but now I'm focusing the conversation on the Oly or similar ..