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  1. Dude, away from the NC system developed by AutoHunting. In IT for example you notice 4-8 partys in one place 24/7. They don't get stuck in the geodata, they talk to you, they trade, and as many people know they use increasingly elaborate scripts. Go to Dead Pass, there are dlv scripts running right there. The problem is that in addition to unbalancing the server economy is unfair to who wants to start the game. The use of NC's Auto-Use is cool, but it's like a sloppy competition compared to the well-known Divine, Tower and so on. Already have scrips for sale on the black market just look for i
  2. I'm sure this subject has already surfaced here, but again it refreshes the mind of those who can really do something. If there is one thing that spoils any game whether online or offline is bots and robots. I think that just as there is technology to cheat the game there must be even better technology to prevent this type of player behavior. Grana for this NCSOFT has, this is not even disputed. Here is the appeal of one of the many who like to play fair. (Sorry about my English)
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