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  1. Guys i had the same issue today, i try reinstalling the game and it works out, now i can play again.
  2. Yo i have the exact same error, i play talking island since launch and never had an issue before, but since today that error appears to me in loading screen, idk wtf is going on but i need a urgent fix, need to play with my mates. I already sent a ticket for this, i desactive firewall and antivirus and still the same error in loading screen @Hime @Juji Please help us we want to play ur game.
  3. I have last window 10, the newest and still have this issue, i play since first day without any problem but now idk what happen
  4. failed to update XIGNCODE, insuficient hard driver or firewall blocking it appears, also ERROR - 2 EO191009 in loading, i need urgent help plis!
  5. He said some of us, we can see u are a nolife kid than not even finish kinder becouse u can"t read properly.
  6. Exactly this, low lv areas drop same or more adena than lv 40+ areas, and with free gk for 40-, it create the perfect scenario for RMT, its a bot fest.
  7. Your staff need to understand, at least more than a thousand ppl leave ur servers becouse u don't listen to players, everyone is unhappy, this should be a game, not a stress machine, if u listen your customers, they will be happy and ur company will be richer.
  8. GK have prices x1 while game is like x0,5, mobs lv 20 drop more adena than lv 40+ mobs, some classes need to farm like 1 month to get 1 skill book, this is ridiculus, the game should have rates x1 and vip rates x1.5, everyone will be happy and ur company will have a lot more money for us, i already pay vip and like 10k nc coins but will not spend a single more penny while we have this issues.
  9. Its bot fest if u get same adena lv 20 than a lv 40, 50, 60+.. @Hime please u need to understand this is wrong, no way a lv 20 mob gives more adena than a 40+ ..
  10. Same here, i will not spend more money till they fix rates or do something against this adena issue, im getting same adena with 18 lv spider and 41 lv mobs.
  11. Gk prices need to be like 50& lower if this rates will stay @Hime
  12. Since rates 0,5 will stay forever, GK prices should be in the same way, its a pain to spend 60k in teleport to farm mobs that drop 100 adena...
  13. @Hime If u don't increase adena in 40+ lv areas, the low lv areas should drop lower adena, i get same adena killing spider lv 18 than a lv 41 mob, that promote the RMT, its an adena festival for bots if they farm same adena with low lv chars than a 40+ do.
  14. Its perfect as it is, if they were tradable, the multibox warriors and boters will have infinit enchants to sell or overenchant and will damage the game.
  15. Yea i got same, i mean 5x xp scrolls, i wanna know what's up with the rest.
  16. I don't even know there's a discord from the server, they should use the forum.
  17. I bought the 80 coins one and gives 10 normal tp, 5 1st scrolls, 2 xp scrolls and 100 hp pots, i would like to know what's in the others. @Hime @Juji summon!
  18. Hello, is there a guide to know about the event? i never play it!
  19. @Juji Thx for ur response, we will see new stuff any time soon?
  20. Lol those things will make me leave the server, i mean cosmetic things, no P2W
  21. I don't mean P2W, i mean, more cosmetic stuff, i like to buy cosmetic stuff but i dont like a lot those in the L2 Store right now.
  22. Hello, its there something coming or it will stay like that for a long time? i have Ncoins and i don't need anything of the current items in the Store.
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