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  1. So it seems the problem have to do with windows 10. But it starts after last update 04/04/18. at least for me Any1 had this problem before this update?
  2. Do you have different windows on those 2 pcs? and if yes, maybe have windows 10 on the one with the problem? I wanna know if it happens only on windows 10 pcs
  3. It starts after last update. 04/04/18 I find out that if i restart pc problem solved, but if i close and reopen the game text will be missing again. So any permanent solution yet?
  4. My game font have been replaced by squares! I didn't add any font in my pc, also never touch any game file ever. I just log in today and realize this. Any1 else with the same problem? Could be Windows fonts problem? Any ideas on how to fix this? screenshots here https://imgur.com/a/OJPZE
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