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  1. Project TL (The Lineage) for PC writen in Unreal4 engine They say its the canceled Lineage Eternal re-writen now in U4. Closed Beta 2018 and release 2019 in Korea.
  2. Posted 3.21 am european time. Wtf guys. we have to go to sleep and work next morning. why cant you post it earlier? i opened all my fortune reading coupons before sleeping. Now i have to sell all the craps i got just to get my adenas back (almost).
  3. Elemental Shirts

    Some people dont even have an Elemental Shirt. Now there are Dragon shirts that cost as we know far too much and not everyone can get one. You cant even send those shirts as a gift. I started playing 3 years ago. Last elemental shirt event (~1 year ago) i could not buy any shirt and enchant it because i wanted to get some other items first. Now im still with Istina shirt. Please make a flash sale for elemental shirts from time to time so everyone can get/enchant a shirt. Or make the elemental shirts tradeable. this way people who got a dragon shirt can sell their old shirts to players who dont have any.

    Cape: 20k nccoins T-Shirt: 30k nccoins CD 50k nccoins Statue for free because it will be a statue of eXEQTOR with the ncsoft logo. He will pay for it so you can worship him. I cant imagine if some ppl see you wearing a t-shirt. they will think: look he has donated over 30k euro to like l2 and wear a t-shirt of it.
  5. the Failure of Max

    Keep in mind... In Siberia they may still have snow. They are sitting at pc and are playing L2 all day. The rest of the L2 players are going to the see.