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  1. disconnects

    Hello! 15 years ago i played this wonderfull game in RK clan during beta to chatoic chronicle on Bartz. Today i revisisted the game again and after a long download process i was finaly able to play this 15 year old game. I made a a character and killed 20 mobs and got autopromoted to lvl 15. With superbad gear. So now i cant kill anything at my lvl . To get items from login reward i have to be logged in for 30min. After each login I can play 5-8 min and then gets disconnected, and i each time i login my 30 min login time resets. So basicly i cant progress in the game and have to login every 10 min after disconnects. I feel very sorry for this game couse new players will never join to play under this circumstances. 1. why does game disconnects all the time? I play on medium server with 1 account, 1 computer and nothing else.