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  1. I guess this is what happens when u take a free option from the new update and try to turn it into paid event failed event
  2. Dont you think you are defrauding people? I personally went to forum and asked Conguero if the runes will be removed and he confirmed YES and then they didnt get removed... I also wanted to buy 2387430957435743 runes, but thx to him lying i didnt.. NC staff are a bunch of liars, scammers and incompetent people. Thanks for screwing people yet again.
  3. @Conguero Its monday already and still no answer from l2 staff? Gonna be Tuesday soon too
  4. And ofc you cut out the 5+times Zureil killed you
  5. MS is not friends with neither NOVA nor MAX, but they are just too afraid to go fight on dimensional.
  6. The problem here is that the people who answer the tickets in l2 support have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE about the game whatsoever and they are only reading bunch of Q&A manuals so they see that sentence and they think it applies to PVP, but it does NOT.
  7. I love all the "oh we are neutral" but have nova members or boxes tagged in ur clan
  8. Verbal harassment and abuse doesnt even exist in their world. Dont even mention bans for verbal abuse, they dont even get chat bans..
  9. @Conguero @Neutron @Hime When Renovation too my picture from my facebook account and wrote insults on it and shouted it all over world chat (not on youtube or whatever other social media bs) IN THE GAME WORLD CHAT, DID l2 SHTPORT did anything about it ??? THEY DID NOT. Do you want to know what their actions were? here it is GM Baerath Hello, Thanks for the update. I understand that disagreeable players can be a source of frustration at times. Going forward, please consider the following three steps whenever you find yourself in such a situation: 1. Break off
  10. @Conguero THIS IS THE RETARDEDNESS YOU CREATED BY OPENING THE DOOR WITH THE 72H SUSPENSION YOU GAVE TO LILD1NK. We will be starting to report everybody for any little issue. By next month expect the population of l2 to be down by half...
  11. @Conguero Are people in l2 staff getting stupider and stupider? I'm pretty sure this sentence is NOT about PVP. It's about scamming people, threatening them and whatever other BS is there OUTSIDE PVP. So every time an enemy clan loses in pvp fair and square they can report us and get our accounts banned, because they felt harassed and distressed? How much more is the retardedness of l2 staff gonna grow? THIS IS A FACKING PVP GAME, IF U DONT WANT TO DO IT, GO PLAY A GAME THAT HAS NO PVP IN IT. I can give you few options -> Tera PVE servers, BNS, etc etc. Its been a day and you still hav
  12. This is happening because no one in l2 support team actually plays the game or have any knowledge about it whatsoever. All they do is use a premade Q&A book and do whatever the hell they want @Conguero We are all expecting an answer and that is before that 72h suspension actually expires...
  13. Conguero won't change back what he has done. He obviously accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, which is make his buddies from Renovation & Co happy, he doesn't care about fairness. All he will keep doing is closing any treats that were made by MS members, but keep mutchy's QQ topic wide open even tho its obviously breaking the rules by having GM in the title (an excuse he used to close other peoples topics). PS: Watch your backs, anyone who speaks the truth that is against Conguero will get their accounts suspended for HARASSMENT! Time to say bb for about a week,cuz i'm s
  14. Since they put a <3 and like button and what not, they should put a DISLIKE and "I find your respond to be a complete BS" button so we can all use them on conguero
  15. @Conguero So you close truffle's topic because of this rule, but mutchy's topic that clearly has GM on the title still exists? Or are you trying to tell me that just cuz there is a 's behind it's a different story? Enough with the damn favoritism. Go learn your job description, you are supposed to be UNBIASED, but you are not...
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