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  1. Ingame Mail doesn't list fee when sending stuff. Also, the postage fee seems way out of proportion. I saw 1.100 adena deducted for sending 1 item (adena) to another character,
  2. Although is is for the EU version of the game, it may be helpful (but don't look at adena droprates etc). https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests
  3. As always, the solution is to be VIP or play on the new server(s). I did notice a drop from 6800 to 6400 "max capacity" but this might be on purpose to squeeze more folks to Aden/Gludio.
  4. I you mean like buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6 for the MMO mouse, i've been using it for ages and never had issues. I don't use the razor software, it works fine in Windows.
  5. Some ISP's are truely dynamic and you lose your IP frequently, especially with IP4 over IP6 "proxies" (DS-Lite). NCSoft still lives in the IP4 world... " Dual-Stack Lite technology does not involve allocating an IPv4 address to customer-premises equipment (CPE) for providing Internet access. It is described in RFC 6333. The CPE distributes private IPv4 addresses for the LAN clients, according to the networking requirement in the local area network. The CPE encapsulates IPv4 packets within IPv6 packets. The CPE uses its global IPv6 connection to deliver the packet to the ISP's Carrier
  6. There are no problems whatsoever on the technical side. Just too many players. And that's not gonna be fixed overnight. Go back to your illegal servers and wait till there are 6 officical classics.
  7. GDPR applies to europeans only. but i'm not a lawyer, i explicitly said "possibly" and "might"
  8. Whatever rules you have in your country, they are a US company and you have accepted their TOS.
  9. AFAIK the anticheat checks processes and possibly the contents of your harddrive. If there's anything "suspicious" it might get triggered. Open a powershell and type Get-Process to see if there's anything running you don't know about.
  10. RTFM: PK System The act of killing another player by forcible attack (attack while holding down the Ctrl key) is called PK (Player Killing), and a character who has made a PK is given a penalty through the PK system. A character is Chaotic when that character’s Karma level becomes negative. A Chaotic character’s name will appear in red. Killing monsters while Chaotic will slowly reduce your negative Karma. Chaotic characters can still earn XP and SP during hunting. When a Chaotic character with a PK count of 4 or higher dies, an item or multiple items wi
  11. Change your password.. This also happens when someone else tries to login with your account.
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