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  1. i did just check and you're right, so there's not any bug, everything's working as intended.
  2. Well it's just another competition area pretty much like the rbs areas, gainak, dragons, cursed swords, etc I think we all know it, the main problem is that people tries with less than 1 trillion of adena in gear, fail and then start to cries on the forums.
  3. As the l2wiki says the place has been designed to work like this, when u kill the nerva orc merchant you actually have the 70% of chance of getting 340-792 of adena plus the fixed amount, the adena drop has been bugged for years, according to the l2wiki they should always drop an fixed amount of 10kk adena and not an random amount of between 3kk-10kk. https://l2wiki.com/Raiders_Crossroads#Nerva_Orc_Merchants Among other mobs dwelling in Raider's Crossroads, there are also Nerva Orc Merchants mobs. During a battle they escape from the centre of the barracks. If you kill such a mob, yo
  4. make instance drop mp potions plz
  5. for the amount of money that costs us to play this game it's a shame the lack of efficiency you have doing your job there are less than 24 hours left for the major update and we do not even have the patch notes yet
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