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  1. I'm not gonna get all worked up and upset over forum comments, bud. And to be fair, I slept perfectly fine But here is the deal, did I want to bring this to everyone's attention? Yes Am I disappointed that a clan on Chronos would resort to something like this? Yes Am I even more disappointed its MS? Yes. They tried to hold out on Chronos as the "best" or "top" clan on the server, but for a long time, we've all known its just fake news and propaganda they try to spread. I had a hunch they would use and abuse anything in this game to get to where they wanted, but I never had
  2. Behold...the "great" [moderated] Clan cheating at Aden Castle Siege using a jump glitch/bug/cheat to ensure they were able to hold onto Aden Castle during siege on 06/21/2020 You are free to discuss this topic in a general manner, but please refrain from calling out certain players or clans by name. For that, we have the ticket system and would like to ask you to report them to our Support team. Thank you!
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