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  1. Good afternoon, as you know administrators already know the annoyance of 90 or 100% of players who play on this system that has many doubts and errors. 1) On the subject of macros I do not understand why this new version instead of benefiting us, I believe more to the Magicians and buffers that practically when it runs out of mana it is null to activate that new option of auto attack with the right click 2. Those who benefited from this are the people who sell things like equipment, adena, and other items. even characters they are the happiest 3. You as a company and administrators owe respect to the users in this case, since if we would not continue to work or at least that you want to close and I think you are going around with everything you do, it is so easy to consult or do surveys when they have or plan to make an update within the game 4. I see that hime put in some post that they are discussing the issues my question is so much they take time to discuss something so simple because they do not log in and they will see that there is no one on the server other than pure bots and most areas of slight nobody is there, I calculate that they enter what they are vip to claim their things and their daily missions and nothing else 5. I hope you find a solution decide it is easy to know that we continue with this patch and ready as players and clans that will decide if they stay or continue but give us a response for respect more than anything. Thank you .