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  1. Block adena sale ads

    Well I've noticed a significant decrease in spam during the first week after the update. Either way, the point remains that we need the block function back, despite spammer activity increase or decrease, which is what this post is about and not about what I've been doing.
  2. Please add the option to block adena sale ads back to the game when right clicking the name in chat, because it is not present since the GUI update. And with the returned macro functionality, those are already returning, too. @Juji Thank you.
  3. In regards to 01/15 patch notes, a clarification would be appreciated. So properties of Items obtained by fishing with baitGrocery items and ‘Fish Stew’ that can be exchanged for fish from a fishing guild member becomes Exchange/drop/open private store/sell to store/dimensional not available Yet further on it says that the stew gets renamed to e.g. Fish Stew - Guildsman’s Gratitude Lv2 - Tradable So are fish stews tradable or not? From what I understand the ones we already have pre-patch will be tradable thus are renamed, and the ones obtained after-patch will be untradable? Is this correct? Could you elaborate please, @Juji Much appreciated <3
  4. Soul Roar skill

    Soul Roar skill is bugged. Lvl 2/3 gives the same bonus as lvl 1, just the mana requirement increases. Either that, or just the visual description is bugged and is showing lvl 1 bonuses for levels 2 and 3, but from what I can tell, lvl 2 for sure doesn't give 25% HP increase at it should.