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  1. Totally agree, because we need motivation to battle for the hero. !!
  2. Hello I am coming here, again to make my appeal, one of the reasons why many do not play Olympics, it is due to the fact that the hero or player does not get any reward, you ncsoft team is not understanding the seriousness of the problem? many players who play this game, only play because of the Olympics, this for me is the most important game in lineage 2, and no reward is received, let's open our eyes and see, fixing this will have more reasons for many to play the lineage 2 classic, instead of migrating to other servers. getting the tokens back helps, players should earn tokens as before, or just like chronos, to make Olympics games more competitive.
  3. I come here to ask for the same animation, which is from the live system, to adapt to the classic, it would be very interesting, and the enchanted weapons would have more added value. I beg! the collaboration and and all weapons +16 super red +17 and 18 Black energy glow + Red and very cool. I think I should apply here.
  4. Hero ( Rewards) Need FIX

    Mixa , friend I came, here to make an appeal to ncsoft to give some reward to the heroes of the game, ten of whom has always been so fortunate to all, to be hero of their special class. at least the marks to get enchant are already a good size.
  5. I wanted to talk about the reward of the heroes, they must earn a reward because it doesn’t pay us to invest with equipment to be the number 1 of your class, a better class. many people left the classic, due to this issue they invested a lot of money buying ncoins, guaranteeing equipment, to be the hero, the best in the class and not have any reward, at least the marks for buying enchants, it is already of great help. need fix that of i will be one who will left of the server . Staff from NCSOFT i talking about me , i pay alot of ncoins to take good gear events and now when i get hero 0 Rewards , see in live give mark to get rewards , need to fix same action in classic ,i have pay more than 700$ or more buying ncoins on last event . if not fix it i will move my cp and clan to another game. cya thanks for all , i will wait aswers.
  6. Cloak Windows Are Buged!

    Its about cloak , when u click on dimensional to open windows, to use legendary scrolls , dont happened , i fixed on laucher and re instaled game, and its are on bugg on game. need to fix it please.
  7. Well, I wanted to ask for help from the NCSOFT team, As I had already sent some tickets, on the subject, I want to ask for help again like this in the forum, I play on the classic server of jin kamael, I feel a disadvantage while the other classes, with all learned forgottens, when i go to fight olympiadas i feel the difference, all forgottens from the other classes, they go in aden with magical tablet, they can easily get it, since the trickster has to wait for some event or drop from the epic boss, so why does the kamael have to be the most valuable? since the official has the question of passing the equality between the classes, it is not fair for someone to pay an absurd amount in adena, while the other classes buy easily. here is my call for the gms juji and staff to make it equal to the system.