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  1. Bring back SpiritShots for the poor mages

    @Juji @Hime normal SpiritShots have always been in the game, Blessed SoulShots has not. i can completely understand removing them as i heard it was unintentional to have them added but they decided to let them stay. how is blessed spiritshots, and normal soulshots balance? why not just blessed soulshots and blessed spirit, so both sides of the fence have to pay the higher cost? how come a majority of all characters on the server have to pay 3x more adena (which you guys keep finding new ways to prevent us from getting) yet the other side can continue to use the cheap stuff? price gouging mages is not balance. everything mages is already higher price market wise. please have one additional conversation about this subject before its completely closed. think of us people who can barely afford to do anything due to very low adena drops. or maybe a supplemental daily reward, just like the monster hunts, you get X amount of either soulshots or spiritshots, doesnt have to be a large amount, just something to help earn some to help reduce costs to play.
  2. Mages are completely gimped that normal Spiritshots have been removed from the grocer. it went from like 34 adena per spiritshot to 94 adena per blessed spiritshot. used to cost 34 million adena for 1 million spiritshots, now its 94 million for 1 million blessed spiritshots. this makes hunting as a mage almost impossible to use any spiritshots now due to the high cost. please consider adding back normal spiritshots..