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  1. how to farm 105+?

    Uh, its hard maybe in 2 years have decent equip to farm. Ty for the info.
  2. how to farm 105+?

    Hi guys, im 105 and ofc cant do aoe in coal mines, and cant kill in storm isle, Actually im in Phantasmal Ridge (single target) but its bored and very slow at this lvl. I tried in other zones but litle damage. What i need to do to farm now? Class: Titan Weapon: En. Exalted Armor: Exalted Heavy Other: QA soul, Creation, Hunter Talisman, Destructión, DYE +5/5/5... etc. Ty for info.
  3. Prophecy of Might question

    Ok, the description its not the best. I check critical rate, and it increase some. Dont know in critical damge, bue maybe i fail whit description
  4. Prophecy of Might question

    In game description: https://ibb.co/w4cvGm3 Increase physical attack and critical chance/critical damage only for skills and magic by 25% No more critical rate/critical damage in normal hits?
  5. Upgrade equipment for a 101 Titan

    LOL!!! I do exalted quest some years ago, but when i speak to Lionel Hunter he gave me something good, VERY good. Thank you for the info, i put r99 slasher in auction
  6. Hi guys, after some years i back to lineage and need change equip. Actually: * R99 Slasher +7 (focus), R95 pole +4 * R99 light set +6 * +3 Octavis Shirt, +5 Circlet of Athority, +3 Belt (PvE) * +5 Queen Ant Soul, +3 Octavis Ring Warrior, +3 Tezza Necklace, +3 Special Resistence Earring x2 * Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Diamont (lv 2), Venir Talisman (lv 8) * Talisman Annihilation * Rudolph Agathion OFC i need to change all (or maybe delete char ) but i cant change all at once. Can help me to decide orden of priority? i want equip for farm. Ty.