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  1. Returning Player - Lots of Questions

    Essence, I quickly realized the new toon was the way to go. I started deleting a lot of my ALTs to make room for the new toons. I am still keeping my two legacy Mains though, but won't use them as much. Just can't let them go. I also was shocked to discover the new Auto Hunt mode. NC Soft give in and created a ghetto L2 Trainer? Wish they found a happy middle ground between this L2 version and L2 Classic. It seems your choice is grind grind grind or hitting the level cap overnight. Oh well. Still love the game.
  2. Feel like a newb, but I have searched on these topics and just cannot find answers so forgive me if the search Gods misled me. I played between 2002 - 2006 (Sieghardt server) and then returned for a couple of months about 6 years ago (?). If I recall all the beginner villages (i.e. Dark Elf Village, Light Elf Village) were just decimated by Shilien and you could fast-track leveling from 1 - 80 or so. When I returned then, many things were still quite familiar. However, I just logged in yesterday and things have changed quite a bit. Here are a list of questions I have: What happened to my recipes and mats? I have a lvl 65 Warsmith and he had boatloads of recipes and mats. Yesterday when I opened his recipe book there is nothing. I suspect the removal of mats was intentional, but was the removal of recipes also intentional? If it is normal my mats and recipes were removed, then how do I craft Blessed Spirit Shot and Soul Shot for A, S and R grade? Old skills removed? I noticed about 75% of my toons' skills were grayed out on my bar and unusable. Did an update remove most of the original skills? I have toons ranging from lvl 10 through 90. How do you make money? The economy has seen insane inflation from my old L2 days. When I kill mobs I gain about 600 adena. How do I earn enough adena to buy anything? The cost just for R Soul and Spirit Shot is insane. My toons also do not have a ton of new armor/accessory pieces and the prices for those items are well above what I have. I love Lineage 2, but cannot play it like I did back in the day. I cannot commit to raiding or sieging. I cannot commit to logging on at a certain time and certain day. Are there clans/alliances that cater to the PVE - Questing type of gamer? I read about the super cool clan buffs, but cannot play like my old Catalyst (Alliance) and Tempezt (Clan) days. Before joining Catalyst, I was also in the ICA alliance and MoT (Masters of Time) alliance for any of the original players still playing. Thanks for any responses.
  3. Returning Player - Lots of Questions

    Thank you for the replies. I will do the quick grind on a new toon for the free gear and recipes, but I am keeping my two Main characters. Too many hours, nights and days into those for me to work just a new toon. The poor lvl 65 dwarf will not get much action, but my 90 ISS and 85 Feoh will benefit from the new lvl 100+ toon. Thanks again!