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  1. I've forgotten a lot about how old Lineage 2 worked, and with the recent change to mats, plus I'm noticing almost nobody in Giran is buying mats anymore... are scavengers worth it as a means of generating adena? Back in the day I would make a spoiler, farm a bit and end my session by selling whatever I farmed in Giran, but that maybe isn't viable anymore.
  2. I'm still getting back into Lineage 2 and I... I hate to say it, but the adena change might be good. Back when I played, me and my mates had a rule - you NEVER vendor mats. You always sell them to players if you want to make money. Now with the bots and autoplay, this is an even bigger issue - if mats gave adena, you could just jam a coin in your keyboard to hold down the loot key, go to ruins of agony and make an imbalanced amount of adena. There is also the problem with inflation, which is a huge issue on Live apparently, and a good way of dealing with it is making adena less available, so a
  3. I like the new UI, it seems to get the job done. But taking content out of the game doesn't make sense to me. Especially when areas like Ruins of Agony are flooded with so much people, it is actually hard to get your quests done, as all mobs are being farmed as soon as they spawn. You'd think it would make sense to space people out a bit more. It gets better later on, of course. Farming in the Dion plains was mostly a lonely pleasure. Maybe this is why they choose to empty some of the areas? Because the lategame is mostly empty and they want to bring people together? Anyway, I don't like it
  4. So I know this is Classic and L2 back in the day had almost no quests, which is fine, I enjoy the fact that I can just go in a zone and farm for hours, but as I was playing I discover a lot of the content I enjoyed back in the day is just... gone. There were repeatable quests near the starter villages and in Gludio that could get you some decent adena, now all of the adena generating quests are gone. This kinda makes sense, as I get what NC is doing here - with autoplay available to everyone, people will farm much more, which breaks the balance of these quests, so that's fine. But many one
  5. In relation to this topic - what is the point of live now? I mean, you get from level 1 to 80 in about 20 minutes, you burn through everything so fast. So if you get to max-ish level in a day... why play? Is there enough progression to keep you going? What I loved about L2 back in the day is the leveling. Being max level wasn't the point. And if you burn through levels so quickly, what happens with the world? 90% of it doesn't matter at all, or there is stuff around the map for high levels to do. I am really confused by live.
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