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  1. All the servers together will never work, close "live" at once, no matter how much they say it is not what they want and will do soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This event is just to make people who do not have level 100d discourage and go play in the classic, after playing for months and months, people who are in intermediate levels and those who started to play a few days, in fact they want everyone to play in the Classic, everyone who is playing is happy to defend the life that is not paid to win, even agrees, but the joy lasts a little soon it will be so here is here, I would not even do it because this post here was nothing just to get my char and entertain, but wait! This is not fair, an event for few on a server that only had a great demand
  3. Now that they have the power over weapons and armor sold by billions of adenas I think the only thing that has improvement and for you if you can not control bots log in the game do not be ashamed, I can give examples of several places where bot Controlled characters are grouping to the hills the waiting even to kill Freya, are several and several char Ertheia alia the wait. See that there is no sale of weapons and armor in the game store, so how to run with these speculation scoundrels and simply increase the coin drop of the game, if you can even eliminate the cheats inside the game, th
  4. I see that this game is not for you, try to play with IMVU or something similar, there are so many things to try to solve and there is one wanting to reach the maximum level on the same day!
  5. About 5 days ago I wanted to help the server to have new people playing, because as much as I try, I have a love for this damn game. So I went after people who played here with me a few years ago and got at least 20 people back to play, I put my word of honor in the game saying that it was better, less bugs and the main one without the infamous bot! Here they called me and said, "This is better here, you can only be playing with us" that sadness I saw, there was no way to do the damn mission, all at level 56 struggling to get at least one mission item against several and several bots, dis
  6. Even if new players start appearing and the "blue" armor is 10 times cheaper, there are no conditions for a player to buy even if he plays 24 hours with that adena drop and items can not buy anything. So they fall into the hands of the users of bot and adena sellers, only Ncsoft who does not understand this or to gain a share of sales, you see what else you try to generate more doubts
  7. Sharlana, this day is closer than you think, there are no conditions to continue with drops of 13, 20, 30 adenas in monsters 97, 98 and etc ... according to them so bots do not get adenas to sell, funny thing is that websites sell adenas in the amount that the person wants to buy, in those years everyone must have adenas to sell and resell and resell. All attempts to stop the cheating affect only active and real players, those players who buy adenas are not players and so otters carrying a weapon + 10 + 11 + 12 ... they stay in the cities just to show, do not play, all colored and shining
  8. Good morning, good night or early morning to all. What I see today is that the official server is easy to explain using the example of a country with a super-inflation, since the drop of adenas and minimum and the prices of weapons and armor are enormous, but we have to reflect the reasons why this drop of adenas be so let's go, all changes made in the game are attempts to avoid the damn bot's that is not a novelty since it is almost 14 years of Ncsoft to get rid of and even then the sale of adenas continues even with people advertising within the set of links to the purchase. But all the
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