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  1. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16

    You say that like this VERY thing isnt happening already.
  2. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16

    I have actually recommended this in the past as a solution to the botting issue. Granted, it is not a popular answer for those who do not want to deal with those who have the means to "pay their way to the top". But, in my opinion those people are going to be at the top, regardless. (They just currently pay the RMT people instead of NCSoft) Why not largely eliminate at least one of the big problems (bots). Instead of fighting this losing battle against both. (Rmt AND bots) and let the dwarves be a factor again, instead of this half hearted "novelty" they currently occupy.
  3. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    I think so. They have servers in the time zones indicated in the server log in. GMT -5 ect ect.
  4. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16

    Any new infomation about the outage? Or just the usual "howling" about NCSoft sucking in broken english and conspiracy theories?
  5. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Disregard my fix. I get off of work this morning, ready to play and I am locked out again. Modem power off/on didnt work this time, unfortunately.
  6. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    I was skeptical if this would do anything, but I tried it anyway and to my surprise, it worked. Not sure if this fixed it or not...but, regardless....thank you.
  7. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Do we have an ETA on the fix? Or what caused the issue yet?
  8. Yeah. This seems to be the best compromise solution. Make NCCoins an item that can be directly sold to the players that are looking for specific items on the store. Which would not cause cause huge adena inflation because it would just be moving around existing stockpiles of adena that are already present. The rate of exchange would be, (for the most part) dictated by the direct cost of the NCCoins themselves. That way, the rich donators stay rich for the most part, NC Soft continues the revenue stream. And access to a reasonable amount of gear becomes available to those with the "will" to buy the coins. I wish there was a solution to eliminate the bots and bring back drops and spoils...But, that doesnt look like it is in the cards. So, this seems to be a decent compromise.