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  1. i bet 100% that the drop rate and spoil rate will be like. "we have looked into the matter of drop/spoil rate and we find something that wasn't in our code program" and then they will say its fixed but actually nothing will be changed. PLACEBOO effect my dear friends.
  2. I just want to know where must I go to spoil parts and recipes.
  3. Does anyone have a legit way to find out what drop and spoil the mobs from classic server has?
  4. here is the proof. https://www.pic-upload.de/view-36073799/Untitled.png.html
  5. I think this is their strategy to force players to buy their stuff.
  6. if you by example wanna make 2 quests at lvl 19 because you are unsure what class to make. for.ie cleric or wizard. you will get the reward xp/sp from only 1 quest, even though they say they give you xp. don't get fooled or its bugged.
  7. So... as the title says. lets start the list Remove: cp,m.critical rate, m.evasion rate. m. accuary. aghatations, elements. remove fail hits from mages. for example. one hit is 215 dmg the next hit is probably 270 or fail. really annoying. broch, bracelet, pendant, belt, compound, adena distribution, remove fishing for stews. even tho they help. classic never had anything like this. if someone else see something that isn't supposed to be in a classic server, please continue the list.
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