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  1. Hello all, Warlock is good for Aden(essence)? i can kill in transcendent instance? Thx for any reply.
  2. Minoshadom


    Thx for reply Rodah, and thx for help, yes now i up on hellbound (Chronos server) Heavy set is bet way for maestro? (maybe i go for tank dual class) Again thx for help
  3. Minoshadom


    Thx for reply, for this post i want only help for guide, i look on forum and not have, i play tyrr maestro because i like race and class, i dont want to top player on game or play on best class, i play for fun Atm im lvl 104 for now i got ring of creation poor maestro hahahaha
  4. Minoshadom


    Thx for reply, i see in game and forum, for now yul and feoh is best way to fast up etc, but i dont like any , i like melee class and dwarf race , because this i try tyrr, other class i like is wynn, but all ppl say wynn is a broken class, maybe best melee class is evis, thx again for reply.
  5. Minoshadom


    Thx all for reply, i try up my little maestro, for set best way is heavy?
  6. Minoshadom


    Hello everyone, I went back to playing after a long time, would i like the help, the viable class? which items? ap points? I appreciate if you can help.
  7. Hello all, i back to game after few years, and Othell is viable in this chronic? Have any guide for Othell? Thx for all reply.
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