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  1. recently started playing again but never seen water spirit before. can someone shoot me a link for information about it that would be appreciated
  2. Hi when i first started everything was fine, i use to see the auto-hunting fully and life was great. but yesterday i started play windowed and since that moment when i play windowed mode or even when i go back full screen my auto hunting device cant be fully seen. i still have access to "turn combat on/off" or the "pick up/pickoff item" but the option of "short distance/long distance and the "manior on/off" are unclickable because the half of the device is on the bottom of the screen unaccessible and cant be seen ive try switching back and fort resolution screen and window
  3. will lineage 2 classic or live will open a new server someday ? and when
  4. Anyone have an estimate time arrival of l2 remastered? 2020 2021 3099?
  5. Hi anyone have an idea when the lineage 2 remastered beta will be available? will it only be for korea first?when could we expect NA beta to be open?
  6. Sure i could but since there a lot of people that is leaving the game and im late to be competitive in any kind, why should i not take a chance
  7. Hi im new to chronos and im struggling im someone rich and kind or someone that is leaving the game could help me that would be so much appreciated!!!
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